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Femforce Index

Joe Acevedo's Femforce Zone

The Official Guide to the AC Universe
***Femforce Index***

Welcome to the Official Guide to the AC Universe, or what I like to call the Femforce Index. This index was originally created by KEN KEROUAC as the first step in archiving the entire AC Comics Universe. This index primarily focuses on the FEMFORCE comic book series. Whether you're a long time fan, or someone who is a first timer, you will enjoy reading about the history of the Femforce, America's longest running Independent Super-Hero Comic.


To keep the size of the entries manageable, and to provide information at a glance, the following shorthand system is used. The letters will be in parentheses immediately after a character or item and will denote the following:

C - Item (character, place, or thing) appears only in a cameo
D - Character dies in story
F - Item appears only in Flashback
O - Origin of a character is told
R - Character appears in a Golden-Age reprint
CAMEO, as we describe it here, is the brief appearance of an item and can be in the form of a brief flashback, present appearance, photograph, or an image in a person's mind.
DEATH of a character is described as such only if that death is actually seen and is irrefutable. Mere disappearances don't count. If a character comes back after an apparently confirmed death, the return will be noted and explained.
FLASHBACK, as we describe it here, is a narration given in the present of events occurring in the past. It is not the same as a story set in the past (such as the Femforce/Sentinels Old West crossover).
ORIGIN stories will be noted as such only if the origin is told in some detail as opposed to being mentioned briefly in passing.
REPRINT appearances of characters will be called out if the character's last or next appearance is in a Golden-Age reprint story. Golden-Age stories in current continuity books will be listed, but details will not be covered in this index. Reprints from the Paragon Publications titles will be noted as reprints but detailed along with the current AC Universe continuity.

AC has published many reprints of Golden and Silver Age stories over the years as well as the occasional reprint from Paragon Publications magazines. These reprints have been presented in several formats that differ in terms of how they relate to the AC Universe.

1) No Revision / No Relationship: Stories that have been reprinted intact in their entirety and bear no significant relationship to the rest of the AC Universe (e.g. Sheena, Roy Rogers)

2) No Revision / Relationship: Stories that have not been altered in any way but have been grafted onto the AC Universe by virtue of that character's incorporation into new AC stories (e.g., Golden Age stories of the Avenger, Captain Flash, Yankee Girl, and other heroes, whose old stories are now considered "pre-Vault" adventures in the AC Universe.)

3) Revision / Relationship: Reprints that have been altered to fit more coherently into AC continuity by giving old heroes new names (Haunted Horseman, Reddevil); incorporating new stories over old artwork (Latigo Kid); or adding new art or text to serve as a brief link between that story and AC continuity (numerous reprinted stories)

All Paragon Publications reprints, whether presented as stand-alone stories or as material incorporated into new stories, are treated as integral parts of the AC Universe. The fact that they are reprints is noted, but in all other respects, including the log of last and next appearances, the stories are interwoven into the AC Universe Index.

For reprinted stories that appear in books featuring primarily current continuity stories, all that will appear is a title, a page count, and who the main character is (examples can be found in the two backup stories in FF 16).


Amer - Americomics

Fem Fant - Fem Fantastique

NV - Nightveil

AC Ann - AC Annual

FF - Femforce

NV C of H - Nightveil's Cauldron of Horror

Arm Fac - Armageddon Factor

FF HoH - Femforce in the House of Horror

O of A Spe - Out of Asylum Special

Arm Spe - Armageddon Special

FF N of D - Femforce: Night of the Demon

Para - Paragon:Dark Apocalypse

BBFC - Bill Black's Fun Comics

FFUC - Femforce Up Close

PWH - Priority White Heat

BD - Black Diamond

G From LSD - Synn, the Girl From LSD

RD - Reddevil

BB Spe - Blue Bulleteer Special

GGAQ - Good Girl Art Quarterly

S of J - Sentinels of Justice

B& S6 - Bolt & Starforce 6

GGG - Gorgana's Ghoul Gallery

SC - She-Cat

Cap Par - Capt. Paragon

JG - Jungle Girls

S of F - Soldiers of Freedom

CC - Cliffhanger Comics

JGWS - Jungle Girls / Wild Side

Spec - Special

Colt Spe - Colt Special

LK - Latigo Kid

U O FF - Untold Origin of the Femforce

C of SC - Curse of the She-Cat Special

Ms. V - Ms. Victory

U O Ms V - Untold Origin of Ms. Victory

DF - Dragonfly

Ms.V Spe - Ms. Victory Golden Anniversary Special

Vent - Venture

YH - Young Hero


Specific stories in books are referenced as follows:

Title... Issue No.... (Story No.)

Example: BBFC 4 (2) indicates the 4th issue of BILL BLACK'S FUN COMICS, second story in that book. Note that issues with only one story will not have a story number listed.


Title Block: Contains the title and issue number, cover artists, Editorial Content (non-story related material such as articles, pinups, character descriptions) and Milestones (significant events occurring in the issue)

Story/Credits/Synopsis: The story title and its page count are followed by a list of the creative team members. The Synopsis summarizes the plot line in a moderate amount of detail (we still want you to read the books!)

Characters: After being segregated by Hero/Heroine, Villain/Opponent, or Supporting Character, people appearing in the story are listed by their paranormal name followed by their true identity (where known), their last appearance, and their next appearance, allowing you to trace the history of a character forward or backward from any point in the AC Universe. Where a character has assumed more than one identity (Joan Wayne, Laura Wright), their last and next appearances are referenced by the true identity of the person, not by their paranormal persona. Thus, Nightveil's next appearance would be listed even if Laura appears only as the Blue Bulleteer.

NOTE: The classification of characters is not a black and white process and is at best somewhat subjective. For example, government sanctioned heroes such as Atoman are on the side of the law but end up fighting other heroes more often than they work with them. Others, like Rad or Garganta, can be either ally or opponent depending on the circumstances or on their mental state. Ultimately, it is a judgment call, so feel free to disagree with my choices.

Geography / Sites: Geography is a location such as a region, county, city, etc. A Site is a limited area or a natural or man-made structure. For instance, New York City would be Geography, while the Empire State Building would be a site.

Time: The "Present" refers to the assumption that the AC heroes live and work in our own time, with no relationship to the actual publishing date of the books. A story set in a different time period will be indicated by that time period, while a flashback will be referenced by the time and the code letter (F).

Magic / Tech Devices: Lists machines, weapons, transportation, and other devices of either technical or magical origin. They are listed only if they are actually used, not simply because they appear. Thus, Nightveil's cloak, while listed if it sees a specific use, will not be listed just because she wears it.

Notes: Covers miscellaneous comments not specifically mentioned elsewhere. These could include, among other things, costume changes, notes on personalities and relationships, tie-ins with other stories or major plot lines, or first meetings between heroes and villains.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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