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Femforce Index

Femforce 24


COVER: The Count / Propst


MILESTONES: 1st appearance of a mercenary team hired by Gordon to assassinate Rad

Story: Teen Femforce (30 pgs, inc. 11 page Prologue and 2 pg Epilogue)

James Misson, story; The Count, art / dialogue; Mark Propst, inks; Walt Paisley, letters; Bill Black, edits

Since her capture by the Femforce, Rad has been off the V-45 drug long enough to lose all of her powers and begin aging. Attempting to restore Joan's personality, Stardust administers a dose of the Ms. Victory V-47 formula. Unfortunately, although the vitamin restores her youth and her powers, Joan retains her Rad personality, breaks free, and escapes. Determined to teach the Femforce a lesson about leaving her alone, Rad impersonates the old Ms. V. to make the team think that she has reformed, then spikes their champagne with the youth formula she's developed. Ironically, the now-teenaged Femforce is now powerless to help Rad combat a team of mercenaries secretly hired by General Gordon to eliminate her. Soon after Rad crashes out of Femforce HQ, she is attacked by Kallima, Shred, Frostbite, and Valkoray. She defeats the quartet but is badly injured in the battle, softening her for a follow-up attack by Rip Jaw and Lone Star. Rip Jaw is about to kill Rad when he is driven off by Lone Star, who wants to take her in alive. Delivering Rad to Gordon's men, Lone Star collects his money and exits just as Rad breaks out of the weak shackles Lone Star had deliberately placed her in. Rad tracks down Lone Star and takes his money, though she only hurts him a little since he saved her life and allowed her to escape the G-men. Back at Femforce HQ, the youth formula wears off,and the team returns to normal just as Stella becomes a child after unwittingly drinking the spiked champagne.

Heroes / Heroines

Last App

Next App

Colt (Val Kirk)

FF 23 (1)

GGAQ 1(1)

Dragonfly (Nancy Arazello)

FF 23 (1)

FF 28 (1)

She-Cat (Cass/Cleo Angora)

FF 23 (2)

AC Ann 1 (1)

Stardust (Mara)

FF 23 (1)

GGAQ 1 (1)

Tara (Tara Fremont)

FF 23 (1)

AC Ann 1 (1)


FF 23 (1)

GGAQ 1 (1)

Villains / Opponents

Frostbite (D)

only app

Gen. Richard Gordon

FF 23 (1)

FF 32 (1)


only app

Lone Star

only app

Rad (Joan Wayne)

FF 23 (1)

FF 25 (1) (C)

Rip Jaw (Turk)

FF 22 (2)

FF 24

Shred (D)

only app

Stella Stargaze

FF 18 (1)

AC Ann 1 (1)


only app

Supporting Characters

TC Fremont

FF 19 (1)

FF 26 (2)


Government officials


Orlando; Washington, D.C.


Femforce HQ; Gordon's office; Rad's store; Mega-Mall; motel


Present; soon after Femforce 23

Magic & Technology

V-47 drug; V-50 drug; Uranium bullets; Frostbite's frost-gun;Shred's bio-nuclear blade; Rip Jaw's grenades and pistols

The youth formula developed in FF 23 (1) is named V-50 in this story.... Rad's de-aging of the FF is intended only as a warning to the team, since Rad knows the effects are not permanent.... TC Fremont puts in an appearance, exasperated as usual over the team's predicament and forbidding them to leave FF HQ.... Shred and Frostbite are killed when they turn on each other after bringing Rad down.... Lone Star, though a paid mercenary, shows some decency in keeping Rad alive and setting her up to escape after he gets his money.... The "friend" Rip jaw contacts to tip off the Femforce about Rad's battle is never identified.... Lone Star takes out Rip Jaw by hitting him with a uranium bullet, welding his mouth shut; this marks the last active appearance of Rip Jaw in an FF story, since his exploits are soon taken over by Iron Jaw on his escape from the Weir Asylum.... The Femforce themselves have only a minor role in this story, spending most of it as teenagers under the watchful eyes of TC and Stella.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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