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Femforce 37


COVER: Meugniot

EDITORIAL CONTENT: Back cover pin-up of Ms.Victory's 50th Anniversary

MILESTONES: Beginning of the Rad vs. Lady Luger storyline; Panzer comes to the present from WWII

Story: Rad vs. Ms. Victory (5 individually titled chapters) (30 pgs)

The Count, story / layouts; John Nadeau, pencils; John Robinson / John Dell, inks; Rik Levins, letters; Bill Black, edits

Rad's flamboyant lifestyle has once again put her in dire financial straits until a man named Harcourt offers a 100 million dollar payment for Rad's services on a mission, the full details of which he doesn't immediately reveal. To fulfill her part of the deal, Rad dons her old Ms. Victory costume and bluffs her way through Latimer Labs security to make off with Dr. Jimenez' time triangle. She delivers the device to Harcourt, who dispatches her through the portal with a group of mercenaries. Emerging among the smoldering ruins of 1945 Berlin, she soon finds herself on the wrong side of a battle with the 1940's Femforce, who mistake the strange newcomer for an ally of the Nazi villainesses Lady Luger and Panzer. Meanwhile, the mercenaries have carried out their assignment from Harcourt, who is revealed to be Fritz Voltzman, one of Hitler's most trusted scientists. Finding the Fuherer, they rescue him from the Allies by transporting him to the 1990's. Rad, finally realizing the nature of the unholy plot and nearly panicked at the thought of being left behind, breaks off the battle with her former teammates and dashes through the still-functioning portal to find all of the Nazis waiting for her. Hitler plans to revive Nazism and make Rad its American symbol, but Rad's deep-buried patriotism revives, and she hurls Hitler and Luger back through time, closing the portal to prevent their return. She soundly defeats Panzer, who has remained in the present, and makes off with Voltzman's money. As Voltzman stands in the rubble of his shattered dream, an aged Lady Luger arrives. She assures the overjoyed Voltzman that their vision of conquering America is very much alive, but she must first regain her youth and exact revenge on the Femforce.

Heroes / Heroines

Last App

Next App

Blue Bulleteer (Laura Wright)

FF 36

FF 38 (3)

Miss Victory / Rad (Joan Wayne)

FF 34

FF 38 (1)(C)

She-Cat (Jessica Hunt)

FF 36

FF 38 (1)

Villains / Opponents

Harcourt (Fritz Voltzman)

BB Spe 1 (1)

FF 38 (2)

Adolf Hitler

FF 31 (2)(F)(C)

Reddevil 1 (C)(F)

Lady Luger

BB Spe 1 (1)

FF 38 (2)


U O Ms V

FF 62 (1)


only app

Supporting Characters

Troy Benson

only app


Harcourt's mercenaries; SS troops; Latimer Labs security


Orlando; Bayport; Berlin


Rad's health food store; Latimer Labs; Hitler's bunker; Voltzman's lab


Present (one night from evening to dawn);1945 (several hours)

Magic & Technology

Time Triangle; Bulleteer's pistols; Luger's whip; soldiers' guns

Rad is difficult to pin down in this story. Her villainy is evident in stealing the Time Triangle, but she is unquestionably heroic in thwarting the menace of a modern day Hitler-led Nazi party. We've given her the benefit of the doubt and listed her in the Heroes/Heroines section.... Only after Rad leaves does security agent Benson realize his grave blunder: that the Time Triangle does not have to be moved to be used.... Despite Rad's having no other facial disguise than the star over her eye, the 40's Miss Victory doesn't recognize Rad's face as her own.... The young Lady Luger's brief time in the future gave her the knowledge she needed to find Voltzman when she seeks him out in the present as an old woman.... The Femforce have battled Voltzman before (FF Spe 1, BB Spe 1), but this is Joan Wayne's first personal encounter with him.... Panzer, with Voltzman's help, later adopts the new persona of Valkyra and battles Ms. Victory again in FF 62.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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