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Femforce 119


When Diana Adams disappears from the streets she protects, Rio Rita and the Blue Bulleteer search for "The Missing Masque", but will they rescue her, or join in her fate? A Femforce story out of the past, by new creators Paul Monsky on script, and Ed Coutts on art.

Then, an actual vintage Golden Age tale starring Miss Victory, in a never-previously-reprinted Charles Quinlan production, last seen in Holyoke Comics' "Veribest Sureshot #1, circa 1945.

Yankee Girl fills in for Ms. V. at a political meet-and-greet and ends up in hot water in "Driplomacy", written by Mark Heike, and illustrated by yet another pair of first-timers, Gianluca Cerrutelli and Silas Dixon.

All this, plus Part II of Jason Greenfield's text opus, "Worlds of Justice: The Nightman Chronicles.

Black and white with color covers, 44 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 2003.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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