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Femforce Index

The Official Guide to the AC Universe
***Femforce Index***


ISSUES #11 - 20

As a general rule, issues with stories set in the present, ongoing AC Universe storyline are ordered with first priority given to AC continuity, as accurately as the chronology can be determined, and second priority to order of publication. This becomes important in this run of Femforce which is interwoven with the She-Cat solo series. Although She-Cat was published after the publication of FF 11-20, the storyline in She-Cat actually falls chronologically well within the events of that ten-issue Femforce run.

By Femforce 16, She-Cat has completed her bond with Octavia Howard and is beginning to adjust to her new body. Soon after, Cat spends the night with her boyfriend Jack (Captain Paragon Jr.) and tells him her origin (later declared imaginary) in Curse of the She-Cat 1. Later, at the end of She-Cat 1, Cat models her new costume for Captain Freedom, which she is later seen wearing in Femforce 17. That puts the events of She-Cat 1- 4, which occur over a relatively brief period, in between Curse of the She-Cat and FF 17. In She-Cat 4, when Cat and Jack are reunited, she declares that he walked out on her six months ago, giving an approximate time window between FF 16 and FF 17. Given all the mayhem occurring after FF 17 with the Rad and Black Shroud storylines, this time window also makes it the most convenient time for Tara to experience her African adventure, putting Jungle Girls 1 in this same time slot. In addition, since Nightveil discusses the creation of Thunderfox with the Femforce and Sentinels in FF 17, this places the events of Nightveil Special 1, in which Thunderfox is created, towards the latter part of that six-month hiatus by the Femforce members. Colt's involvement with She-Cat in her solo series also serves to place this storyline well before leadership of the Femforce is handed over to Jen Burke.

Note on Retroactive Continuity: There are a number of new stories that deal with old events, such as those depicting the Blue Bulleteer's 1940's adventures and the origin of the team as presented in Untold Origin of the Femforce. Since these stories, although valid pieces of AC Universe history, do not fall within the ongoing present-day storyline, they are ordered with the other issues by approximate publication date. In other words, an issue published in 1990 that depicts a story set in 1942 is not going to be placed all the way back prior to Femforce 1. It is simply going to be noted as a story set in the past and will still be included in the Last Appearance / Next Appearance log entries.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
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