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Femforce Index

Femforce 6


COVER: Walker / Black

EDITORIAL CONTENT: Inside back cover pinup of Nightveil, Black Commando and Ms. Victory

MILESTONES: Origin of Synn; 1st app Alizarin Crimson (C); 1st mention of Capricorn Chronicles; Reunion meeting of Nightveil and Synn

Story: Girl Talk (24 pgs)

Bill Black, story/ inks/ edits; Robert Walker, pencils; Walt Paisley, letters; Rebekah Black, colors

Synn has been brought to Jungle Island, where she floats in a stasis tank, her mind racing but apparently unable to do any harm. On the island, Joan and Tara share a long conversation about Tara's status as a Femforce member, Joan's personal life, Synn's origin, and some early history of the team. Meanwhile, in her penthouse, Nightveil broods about Dan Barton's return but is struck by a psychic blast before she can set out to unravel the mystery. Back on Jungle Island, bizarre menaces appear that reflect the worst fears of the people on the island. When the menaces fail to appear on the security scans, Tara concludes that they must be hallucinations and guesses, correctly, that Synn is responsible, Hurrying back to Synn's chamber, she is met by Ms V, Janis, and Nightveil, who releases Synn from the tank. Nightveil explains that the illusions were Synn's way of crying out, and she takes charge of the tragic girl, bringing her back to the Everglades Sanctuary where she can be better controlled. Synn says an emotional farewell to Joan, who has again been warned of the impending doom to befall her.

Heroes / Heroines

Last App

Next App

Ms. Victory (Joan Wayne)

Vent 2 (2)

S of J 5 (1)

Nightveil (Laura Wright)

Vent 2 (2)

S of J 4 (1)

She-Cat (C)(F)

Vent 2 (2)

S of J 5 (1)

Synn (Silva Synn) (O)

Vent 2 (2) (F)

FF 8 (2)

Tara (Tara Fremont)

Vent 2 (2)

S of J 5 (1)

Villains / Opponents

Atoman (Euell McGuire) (F) (C)

S of J 2

S of J 5 (1)

Brotherhood of Purity (F)

NV 3 (1)

Synn Spe 1

Alizarin Crimson (C) (F)

1st app

FF 11 (2)

Farkas (F) (D)

1st app

last to date

Stella Stargaze

FF 5 (1)

FF 9

Supporting Characters

TC Fremont

Vent 2 (2) (C)

FF 11 (1)

Janis Lawson

Vent 1 (3)

S of J 5 (1)


Jungle Island security team; deviants in gov't containment center (F); drug dealers (D)


Jungle Island; Naples, FL; Orlando (F); Denver (F)


Jungle Island HQ; Tara's apartment; Hotel Floridian; Farkas' lab (F) Gov't Ctr (F); Club Paragon (F)


Day after Dan Barton's return; 1969 (F); 1970's (F)

Magic & Tech.

Stasis tank; Farkas' Cryo System (F)

Ms V still considers her role as Joan Wayne the most important of her life.... Tara's display of attraction to Joan is at odds with her feelings for Janis.... Ms. V does not tell Tara She-Cat's identity nor how she and Nightveil stay young.... Synn resumes wearing her old outfit.... For the 1st time,Tara senses the fragility of her relationship with Janis.... NV places Synn in limbo in what is actually a flashback sequence at the beginning of NV 7 (1)


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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