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Femforce 149

Gargantarama 12


The most unthinkable has occurred- Former general (now retired) Richard Gordon has entered plotical life. During the end of his military service, Gordon made life hell for the Femforce. As the official government liason to the team, they took orders from him. Now, Gordon has his eyes on quite a prize- the US White House- and based on his popularity, he just might get his parties' nomination. When in Orlando on the campaign trail, the FF is called upon to handle security at a Gordon rally, and as the only two members not actively pursuing a case, SHE-CAT and TARA are drafted into duty. The night becomes more than an irritating chore when not one but TWO of the FF's most wanted foes show up there-the time-travelling STORMY TEMPEST, and the feral feline known as PRIDE, in "Pride Goest Before A Fall", written & drawn by Stephanie Sanderson-Heike, and inked by Mark Heike.!! Neither TARA nor SHE-CAT come out of the conflict in the same shape that they went in!!

While this is occuring. MS.VICTORY tangles with two of SHE-CAT's recent opponents CALAVERA and The MACHETEER, (in "Strange Magic", written by Enrico Teodorani and Mark Heike, with art by Aurelio Mazzara and Richard Scott) before racing to the hospital to check on her fallen comrade, directly afterward she and SHE-CAT, while looking for PARAGON, encounter a mysterious woman in a back-alley, where they also find the subject of their search, tragically stricken, in "Beware What You Wish For", written by John Gotschall, with art by Scott Larson and Jeff Austin.

Meanwhile, SYNN and NIGHTVEIL convene at the Colorado Project, where they are assembling paranormals (with the help of General Roberta Gordon) to battle the evil of the Old Dark Ones, in "The Coming Battle", written by Mark Heike and Enrico Teodorani, with pencils by Scott Larson and Alessio Nocerino, and inks by Heike and Jeff Austin.

Then, turn the book over, flip it upside down, and enjoy the "flip-book" feature on the back of FF #149- GARGANTARAMA- The Comic Book #12!! As always, it's giant women aplenty, with the latest installment in the saga of the economy-sized WWII superheroine, DINOSAUR GIRL- "Fall Into Danger"!! While Vivian (DinoGirl) Strand and her husband Rex await the inevitable attack of the giant-sized, all-girl Nazi platoon of Colonel Von Klaa on the very jungle island where Vivian got her size-changing powers, she must do battle with two of her reptilian namesakes just to survive!! Story and pencils by Rock Baker, ink finishes by Jeff Austin.

Then, a NEW GTS feature- witness INFERNA- half-demoness, half human, and all GIANT-SIZED!! Created & written by Enrico Teodorani, pencilled by Luigi Giordano, and inked by Richard Scott.

Next, it's the gentle, medevil giantess, ROWENA in "Love And War", Chapter 3. Giant-sized ROWENA and her normal-sized fiance' Cedric the Squire make another pre-nuptual visit- this time to ROWENAS's family- every ONE of them as big as she is- maybe bigger!! How will they react to the upcoming wedding? Written by Eric Lindberg, drawn by Rock Baker, with spectacular ink finishes by Jeff Austin. All this plus a Too Tall TARA pin-up drawn by the multitalented Mark S. Dail!!

Two great features in one book- FEMFORCE #149 AND GARGANTARAMA #12- 44 pages in all, standard comic book size, black & white with color covers, saddle striched. Printed in 2009.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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