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Femforce Index

Femforce 21


COVER: Hardy / Heike

EDITORIAL CONTENT: Inside cover text on Dr. Pretorius; Part 2 of Bill Black Interview


Story: Pretorius Rex (35 pgs)

Prologue / Epilogue: The Count, art; Bill Black, script; Mark Propst, inks Main Story: Anthony Oshmago, story / art; Bob Lewis, inks; Walt Paisley, letters; C. Allen / M. Sheppe, tones; Bill Black, edits

Colt, having discovered Rad's whereabouts, pays her a surprise visit to get Rad to join the Femforce. Colt departs in failure, but not before Joan gives her a tip about some top secret Government Femforce and Sentinels files that have been stolen. Unknown to either of them, the thefts have been committed by Dr. Pretorius, acting through a robot construct impersonating a Naval officer. His psychotic lust for revenge leads him to enlist two pawns: Cindy, a young girl he hypnotizes, and a young dying man to whom he administers a variant of V-45. Luring Rad and Colt to a playground area near the Naval base, Pretorius launches a two-pronged attack, having Cindy shoot Colt near the site of a time bomb he planted, and dropping the man directly onto the battle zone for a more physical assault. The young man, mutated to enormous size and strength and crazed with pain, creates havoc at the base as his fight with Rad is joined by Nightveil, who mystically sensed the danger, and Paragon, whom Laura has pulled away from their investigation of the Shroud. Nightveil defeats the man and learns the cause of his painful death. Meanwhile, Paragon gets the wounded Colt clear of the bomb, but Rad fails to rescue Cindy, grieving as the young girl is caught in the explosion. The battle ends tragically, with the Femforce still unaware that Pretorius was the mastermind behind the mayhem.

Heroes / Heroines

Last App

Next App

Colt (Val Kirk)

FF H of H 1 (1)

FF 22 (1)

Dragonfly (Nancy Arazello) (C)

FF 20

FF 23 (1)

Nightveil (Laura Wright)

FF H of H 1 (1)

FF 23 (1)

Paragon (Charles Starrett)

U O of Ms V 1

FF 22 (1)

Rad (Joan Wayne)

U O of Ms V 1

FF 22 (1)

She-Cat (Cass/Cleo Angora)

FF H of H 1 (1)

FF 22 (1) (C)

Stardust (Mara)

FF H of H 1 (1)

FF 22 (1) (C)

Tara (Tara Fremont)

FF H of H 1 (1)

FF 22 (1)

Thunderfox (Lynn)

FF H of H 1 (1)

FF 22 (2)

Villains / Opponents

Dr Pretorius

FF 15

Ms V Spe 1 (8)

Supporting Characters

Cindy (D)

only app


Young Man crazed by V-45; kids; cops; navy personnel


Orlando; Florida Everglades


FF HQ; Rad's apt; church; playground; NV's sanctum; navy base


1-day period, soon after the Shroud's reemergence

Magic & Technology

Hypnotic drug; V-45 variant; NV's Orb of Foresight; Colt's Clipper;Pretorius's bomb; robot impersonating naval officer

She-Cat, though aware of the reason for Joan's Rad personality, can't contain her bitterness at being deserted by her.... Dr. Pretorius himself is never actually seen except on the inside front cover; he apparently both thinks and speaks through his construct.... Rad, though savage and unprincipled as a fighter, is more of a heroine in this story than in any other appearance to date.... Although not explained, some connection is implied between Pretorius's two pawns, as indicated by the man's utterance of Cindy's name as he dies.... Colt's conclusion that Joan's immorality and negligence were responsible for her failure to capture Cindy is unjustifiably harsh given Rad's genuine grief over the girl's death.... Tara, Stardust, Thunderfox, and Dragonfly appear only in the Prologue and Epilogue.... This is the first story in which Paragon and Rad appear together since Joan's transformation, although their interaction indicates they have probably met between Joan's change and this incident.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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