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Femforce 113


It's the latest adventure of the best-looking super-group in comics history, as the Femforce meet up with an old enemy - Gorgana! The hideous she-demon strikes while the FF is aiding there colleague, Dr. Carlos Jimenez with a delecate experiment involving his Time Triangle. See the giantess, Too Tall Tara smash malevolent robots! See She-Cat at her snarling, savage best! See Ms. Victory, Synn , Nightveil and Stardust in action again, in "Gorgana At The Gate". Story and pencils by Scott Nemmers, with inks by FF creator Bill Black and Mark Heike. Guest starring Paragon, Commando D, Astron and Astra.

Also, this issue features an "Untold Tales Of Tara" story, starring the FF's resident jungle girl and her pal Janis Lawson as they meet up with the murderous Dr. Rivits and his sadistic daughter Roxanne in "Creeping Unknown", by Bill Black. (This tale is an homage to the great jungle glamor artist, Jay Scott Pike.)

Plus, a Golden Age reprint- Miss Victory in action straight out of the 1940's, as she breaks up an Axis spy ring intent on stealing confidential papers. Art by Charles Quinlan.

All this and a pinup portfolio, photos, and a rundown from publisher Wild Bill on upcoming projects.

9/19/2001- Now- special Diamond Distribution edition available!! Same $5.95 price, but this version has an all new, never beforeseen She-Cat story, "Debt Of Gratitude", which was NOT in the original, web shop exclusive version of this book previously offered. Written by Paul Mellette, with art by Shawn Surface and Bill Black; in this adventure She-Cat braves a raging inferno to save someone all but forgotten from her past.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
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