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Femforce Index

The Official Guide to the AC Universe
***Femforce Index***



The continuity surrounding the Sentinels/ Femforce/ Old West crossover, Ms. Victory's transformation into Rad, and the Earth/ Vardax Armageddon war is fairly complex. The following is included as a guide to reading the stories in chronological order.Titles that come before and after this list are fairly straightforward in their ordering, and guides to the placement of those issues will appear in upcoming installments of the Index.

Nightveil 4

Laura returns to society, takes over Wright estate.

Sentinels of Justice 1, 2

Captain Paragon returns to Earth, Vardax invasion begins in earnest, Nightveil begins with Sentinels

Nightveil 5

Dan Barton returns: Laura takes over Hotel Floridian

Femforce 1, 2

Laura tries to further regain humanity by rejoining FF, temporarily limiting her power to the Blue Bulleteer's

Sentinels of Justice 3

Captain Paragon meets the Femforce after their Amazon adventure and notices the resemblance between the Blue Bulleteer and Nightveil

Femforce 3, 4, 5

Femforce's battle with Randall Crowley; Tara's fight with Stella Stargaze; robot attacks by Dr. Pretorious; Synn's vision of Ms. Victory's destruction

Nightveil 6

Nightveil discovers that Dan Barton is alive and spends the night with him at her Naples, Fla. penthouse

Femforce 6

Synn is brought to Jungle Island and leaves with Nightveil for her Everglades Sanctum, Nightveil places Synn in limbo (actually seen at beginning of Nightveil 7)

Sentinels of Justice 4

Laura sets up apartment in Bayport to give her closer proximity to the Sentinels; Vardax invasion continues

Sentinels of Justice 5

Nightveil summons Femforce to Latimer Labs; FF time travel to Old West; Vardax invasion continues

FF 7 / S of J 6 / FF 8

Old West adventure; Paragon's l.D. discovered; Sentinels declared outlaws; Earth / Vardax war continues

Nightveil 7

Flashback to Synn's placement in Limbo:Joan returns from Latimer Labs (tho footnote says Jungle Island) and is transformed into Rad by Black Commando

Femforce 9

Rad quits the Femforce; Colt becomes new FF leader

Armageddon Factor 1, 2, Special (3)

Earth/ Vardax war, Rad & Black Commando fight along side heroes; Paragon highly evolved, restores dead Earth

Normal continuity resumes


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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