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Femforce Index

Femforce 10


COVER: Black

EDITORIAL CONTENT: Back cover pinup of Nightveil, She-Cat, Colt and Rad

MILESTONES: 1st app. of alien eggs that will inhabit Jungle Island; FF transfer Headquarters to Jungle Island; 1st Golden-Age Fiction House reprint in AC Comics

1st Story: A Day in the Life of a Jungle Girl (16 pgs)

Bill Black, script / layouts / inks / letters / edits; Darren Goodhart, pencils; Rebekah Black, colors

After her terrifying Miami experience with Rip Jaw, Tara seeks respite on Jungle Island. Her serenity is broken by the sudden arrival of a spacecraft that splashes into the lagoon. Tara rescues its occupant and helps him ashore, where she discovers he is an alien. She is quickly captured by Vic Marco, who tells her the alien's arrival was all part of Dr. Rivits' plan to lure alien life to Jungle Island. Marco is about to shoot Tara when he is brutally gunned down by Rivits, who needs Tara alive to serve as a hostage. In the alien's confusion over who to trust, it puts Tara to a test. She suddenly finds herself in another dimension, where she saves the life of a small creature . Apparently satisfied with Tara's goodness, the alien turns on Rivits' men and begins blasting them. Rivits tries to escape in a chopper, but the alien blows it up with a blast that alerts She-Cat and Janis, who are nearby. As they arrive at the lagoon, the alien wades beneath the surface and suddenly transports back into space. Tara and She-Cat investigate the ship the alien left behind and recover alien eggs, which they bring back to the lab. Stella Stargaze watches as the eggs are placed in an incubator and begins plotting how she can exploit the developing life forms for her show.

Heroes / Heroines

Last App

Next App

She-Cat (Claudette Meyler)

O of A Spe 1

FF 11 (1)

Tara (Tara Fremont) (C)

O of A Spe 1

FF 11 (1)

Villains / Opponents


Only app

Vic Marco (D)

Bolt Spe 1 (1)

last app

Dr. Randolph Rivits

Bolt Spe 1 (1)

FF 11 (1)

Stella Stargaze

FF 9

FF 11 (1)

Supporting Characters

Janis Lawson

O of A Spe 1 (C)

FF 11 (1)


Alien; eggs; other member of Marco's gang


Jungle Island


Research lab on island


Shortly after Miami incident; several months after Bolt Spe 1

Magic & Tech.

Alien ship; Egg incubator; Tara's knife; Rivits' gun & copter

Although Rivits apparently dies in the helicopter explosion, he explains his escape in the next issue.... As revealed in FF 11 (1), the Femforce have set up new headquarters on Jungle Island following Rad's departure from the group.... Rivits reveals how he had not given up his quest to lure alien life to the island and had been continuing even after the experience with Bolt.

2nd Story: Untitled (Camilla story)

Golden Age reprint not detailed in this index. This story can be construed as the "videotape" Dr. Weir sends to Tara to gain the Fremonts' support for his Vault of Heroes program as seen in the Out of the Asylum Special 1.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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