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Femforce Index

Femforce 14


COVER: Black


MILESTONES: Return of Dr. Pretorius

Story: New Ways - I Dream Or Wires (23 pgs)

Wes Covington, script; Darren Goodhart, pencils; Ralph Cabrera / Bill Black / Jeff Whiting, inks; Bill Black, colors / edits

In the early morning hours, Tara broods on a Florida beach, still stinging emotionally from her encounter with Rad. She is joined by Nightveil, who tells Tara about Alizarin Crimson's threat before capturing Tara herself. Back on Jungle Island, a bitter Janis Lawson, fed up with Tara's neglect of Jungle Island and inattention to her, takes off in a Fremont craft to find and confront her. At the Fremont Building, TC's staff, including Roger Brant, are caught in the chaos as the Femforce seemingly lay waste to the building despite the Shade's efforts to intervene. In reality, the team that was apparently killed in its own blast were really the robot Femforce created by Dr. Pretorius, who is furious with Crimson for duping him into letting her use then destroy the robots instead of having them serve as long-term Femforce replacements. In Crimson's nether-realm, the sorceress toys with the captured Colt, Tara, and She-Cat before sending Claudette back to the Earth reality. She-Cat is puzzled over being granted her freedom until she makes the horrifying discovery that her captivity has weakened her resistance to Sehkmet's influence and accelerated her possession by the cat-demon. In her writhing, tortured state she is discovered by a young girl whom Sehkmet plans to make its next victim.

Heroes / Heroines

Last App

Next App

Colt (Val Kirk)

FF 13

FF 15

Nightveil (Laura Wright)

FF 13

FF 15

Shade (Roger Brant)

Arm Spe 1

FF 27 (1)

She-Cat (Claudette Meyler)

FF 13

FF 15

Tara (Tara Fremont)

FF 13

FF 15

Villains / Opponents

Alizarin Crimson

FF 12 (1)

FF 15


Shade Spe 1 (3)

last app to date

Ellen McFarland

FF 5 (1)

FF 30 (2)

Dr. Pretorius

FF 5 (3)

FF 15 (C)

Supporting Characters

Jen Burke

FF 13

U O FF 1

Octavia Howard

FF 13 (C)(F)

FF 15

Capt. Tom Kelly

FF 13

FF 23 (1)

Janis Lawson

FF 13

FF 15


only app


Crowd in the Orlando streets as the Fremont Building is destroyed.


Florida beach; Jungle Island; Orlando; Nether-realm


Heliport; Fremont Building; Jen Burke's home; Pretorius's labs; Crimson's stronghold


Present, early morning of day after FF 13

Magic & Tech.

Fremont helicopter; Pretorius's robots; Crimson's prisons

Nightveil's captive astral spirit calls to Tara, confusing her as she sees Nightveil's physical form standing calmly before her.... Tara's bleak mood is caused by having to face Rad's insight into the dark side of Tara's sexuality as seen in FF 13.... The FF duplicates used by Pretorius and Crimson are those discovered by She-Cat in FF 5 (3).... The young girl's identity as the backward aging Octavia Howard is revealed in FF 15.... Tom Kelly and Jen Burke make brief appearances as he calls her to tune in to Ellen McFarland's coverage of the Fremont Building attack.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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