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Femforce 156

Gargantarama 19


It's finally here! 84 pages of all-new art & story!! Perhaps THE most-awaited issue of FEMFORCE in years!! NOW it can be told- the true events that led to SYNN'S exile into the Limbo Void decades ago. As NIGHTVEIL frets over SYNN'S spiralling-out-of-control powers, she thinks back to similar circumstances early in SYNN'S Femforce career, and we finally learn the truth about that incident in "The Lady Who Said She Could Fly", a 21-page comic novella written by Stephanie S. Heike and penciled and inked by guest-artist extraordinare, WILL MEUGNIOT!! See Synn go-go dancing at Club Paragon! See guest-star BLONDE BOMBER!! See the Femforce dropped into Leningrad, Russia at the height of the Cold War!!! See a power-mad "freedom fighter" make a hellish alliance with monsters from another dimension!!! See the awful aftermath of an inexperiened SYNN'S attempt to "fix" everything in one fell swoop!! And see some of THE sexiest females ever to have graced the pages of Femforce as rendered by comics great turned animation master Will Meugniot !!

Then, while NIGHTVEIL ruminates on the past, giant-sized jungle girl TARA FREMONT fights to save her best friend Janis Lawson in the present, kidnapped in the mysterious land of Taragonia, in "Jungle Triangle", a 21-page co-lead feature written by e. t. Dollman, with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin.

Then STORMY TEMPEST is back- but in the first installment of a whole NEW Stormy Tempest series penciled by another old Femforce great, Eric Coile; and written & inked by none other than WILD BILL BLACK himself!! That's right, the ol' head honcho is back in the saddle again on the creative side of the comic book, helming a Stormy Tempest backup series designed to more closely mirror the STORMY live-action video movies he's been producing. See STORMY here meet up with Clayton the Sleeper in "Wanted: Dead or Alive!!"

But wait- there's MORE !! Check out the 3-page teaser for a stunning NEW SERIES set for a full-length intro in Femforce #157: written & drawn by Will Meugniot, it's N.E.D.O.R. Agents; a great new "alternate universe" superhero team concept putting the Standard/Nedor heroes (of the 1940′s) together on a crimefighting team in 1965!! Miss Masque, Black Terror, Pyroman, PyroGIRL (yes, you read that right) Fighting Yank, American Crusader and others team up to fight- well, you'll learn WHO they will be fighting next issue!!

This issue, it's a full 51 pages of all-out action & suspense in the FEMFORCE half of the book- then, flip the book over, turn it upside down, and check out GARGANTARAMA- THE COMIC BOOK #19!!

Beyond a great GTS cover drawn by Stephanie and Mark Heike, you'll find a double-length DINOSAUR GIRL episode wherin DinoGirl battles her own doppleganger in "Mirror Image", written & drawn by Rock Baker, with inks by Mark Heike.

Followed by the return of the towering GAMMAZON HOUSEWIFE in "Maternal Insticts", written by Eric Johnson, penciled by yet ANOTHER old-time AC great- Chris Allen, and inked by contemporary AC great Jeff Austin. What happens when a giant-sized Gammazon marries a normal human male? Eventually, their is a baby. See what that portends in THIS universe!!

Finally, the latest installment in the saga of ROWENA, gentle giantess of the Middle Ages-" The Goblin's Army", written by creator Eric Lindberg, penciled by Rock Baker and inked by Paul Wills.

No ads, and not a reprint in sight- 84 full pages of great comics!! Standard comic- book size, black & white interiors with full color covers. Printed in 2011.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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