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Femforce 131


Second half of the big FF 20th Anniversary storyline- "Death Before Der Fuerher!!" While Atoman, General Strock and Ms. Victory are virtually tortured by an obscene cyber-Hitler, genetically-mutated stormtroopers led by the villainous Valkyra attack FEMFORCE headquarters. When Ironjaw and The Frightenstein Monster threaten to join in the fray, The Sentinels of Juctice arrive to help Synn, She-Cat, Stardust, Tara & Nightveil hold down the fort. When wildcards Rad and Black Terror jump into the mix, will it be as friend-or foe!!??! A guest-star-filled drama in five acts, as drawn by Mr. Gorby himself, Jaunty Jeff Austin, Don Secrease, Scott Nemmers & Ollie Drac, with inks by Mark Heike & Jeff Austin.

Plus- a tale out of the fabulous 1940's as Blue Bulleteer and Ms. Victory dare "Lady Luger's Chamber of Tortures"- with a guest cameo by Rio Rita. Written by Enrico Teodorani, drawn by Larry Guidry, and inked by Mark Heike.

40 Pages, black & white with color covers. Standard comic book size & format. Printed in 2005.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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