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Femforce Index

Femforce 47


COVER: Black / Heike

EDITORIAL CONTENT: Garganta pin-up; "La Force Feminine" pin-up on back cover

MILESTONES: 1st major appearance of Capricorn; prelude to the Capricorn Chronicles

Story: Crimson: Inside the Limbo Lost (Countdown to Victory (28 pgs)

Bill Black, story / art; Mark Heike, inks; Tim Twonky, letters

Exiled in the Limbo Void, Alizarin Crimson finds herself suddenly swept along with the souls of the dead toward the giant cavernous mouth of the Great God Capricorn, who has reached into the dimension of the walking dead to feed. The sorceress, plucked out of limbo into Capricorn's realm, pleads for her life and promises to deliver the powerful Femforce to satisfy the Goat God's voracious appetite. Meanwhile, at the abandoned Mystery House Theme park, an aged Joan Wayne struggles into Lady Luger's quarters and convinces Voltzman that she is his evil mistress and that the formulas combining youth and super strength have somehow failed. Voltzman administers another dose, restoring Joan to her full power. In a cold fury, she pummels the Nazi scientist and escapes to atone for Luger's violent acts. In Orlando, at the Federal building where the Rad (impersonating Luger) is being detained, Jen Burke is stunned to learn that her husband David has been arrested as Rad's suspected accomplice. When David awkwardly confesses to Ms. V. that he trailed his wife to Rad's store fearing she was having an affair, a sorrowful Jen decides to reveal her identity. At that instant the building is rocked by the explosive entrance of Crimson, wielding increased power bequeathed to her by Capricorn and commanding two hideous serpents, one of which carries off Jen's unconscious form. Crimson then turns her attention to the other Femforce members elsewhere in the building, distracting Synn's mental energies long enough for Luger to break free of her restraints and flee. During the battle, She-Cat and Synn are both critically injured, and Stardust is drawn into a black hole created by the combination of her stellar powers and Crimson's arcane forces. Just as Stardust disappears, the real Nightveil emerges from the portal, swelling to immense proportions in her wrath and crushing Crimson beneath her giant foot. Crimson escapes by slithering into the dimension of Capricorn, who watches with some apprehension through a trans-dimensional viewer as Nightveil vows to track down the source of Crimson's enhanced power.

Heroes / Heroines

Last App

Next App

The Haunter (Rex Fury)

FF 45 (1)

FF 51 (2)

Ms. Victory I (Joan Wayne)


FF 48

Ms. Victory II (Jennifer Burke)

FF 46 (1)

FF 48

Nightveil (Laura Wright)


FF 48

She-Cat (Jessica Hunt)

FF 46 (1)

FF 48

Stardust (Mara)

FF 46 (1)

FF 48

Synn (Silva Synn)


FF 48

Villains / Opponents


NV C of H 1 (1)

FF 48

Alizarin Crimson

FF 45 (1)

FF 48

Gen. Richard Gordon

FF 45 (2)

FF 48

Lady Luger (Lila Royce)

FFUC 1 (F)(C)

FF 48

Fritz Voltzman

FF 46 (1)

FF 49

Supporting Characters

David Burke

Ms V GA Spe 1 (1)

FF 48 (C)

Capt. Tom Kelly


FF 48


Dead souls in limbo; Government agents


Limbo void; Capricorn's realm; Orlando


Mystery World Theme Park; Capricorn's stronghold; Rad's Health Food Store; Orlando Federal Building


Present; same night as FF 46 following Luger's capture

Magic & Technology

Voltzman's viewer; V-50 formula; Capricorn's dimensional viewer

Costumes: Crimson, in her new role as Capricorn's emissary, sports a more stylish, armored outfit.... We learn in FF 50 that Joan's recovery of her Ms. Victory persona began with Fritz's dose of his formula, so she is now listed as Ms V rather than Rad.... As revealed in Voltzman's fight with Joan, he too has ingested some of the super soldier serum.... Crimson's conversation with Capricorn implies that the greater the power of his victims, the greater their nutritional value.... The longevity of the V-50 formula may depend on its dosage, since the Femforce's stint as teenagers was short lived after Rad tricked them in FF 24.... The cold manipulation of David Burke by Gordon and Kelly is all the more cruel when Gordon fails to even recognize David after his arrest.... Suspicion of David is heightened by the fact that he was examining the hidden Time Triangle at the time of his arrest.... During their fight, Crimson comments on the reduced ferocity of She-Cat since her transformation.... Synn is defeated by a variant of her own power as Crimson subjects her to sensory overload.... Stardust's hands are fused together when Crimson causes Mara's stellar energy to feed back on her.... Nightveil tells Crimson that Azagoth warned her of Crimson's mischief, thus providing a clue as to Laura's recent whereabouts.



Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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