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Femforce 115


The Femforce have come up against a lot of opponents in there crimefighting careers, but this issue's bad guy may take the cake. What do you do with a villain who has a crazy weapon, a gang of henchmen, and a motivation beyond a simple crime spree? See Stardust spattered with goo! See "Too Tall" Tara in bondage! See General Strock...out on a date?!? Read "The Artiste'", this issue's lead story, written and penciled by Stephanie Sanderson-Heike, dialogue by Stephanie Sanderson-Heike and Bill Black, and inked by Mark G. Heike.

And if you think THAT story was goofy, wait 'till you read the backup!! Synn, masquerading as another "superheroine", tricked into showing all for a skin mag? Nightveil spanked by an over-steroided loser called The Alphamale? No one could possibly be responsible for this but writer-penciler Nick Northey, and editor- inker Bill Black. Once you've read "Double Trouble", you'll be sure we've lost all of our good sense.

All this and a TON of Fembabe pinups by the likes of Brad Gorby, Eric Coile, David E. Wolfe, Celestino Galabasa and more!! Wacky superheroic action, GTS shenanigans galore, and great "good girl art" pinups.

40 pages, black and white with color cover, 5 3/4" X 9 1/4" size, printed in 2001.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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