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Femforce Index

The Official Guide to the AC Universe
***Femforce Index***


ISSUES #21 - 30

This ten-issue run of Femforce (issues 21-30) cover three main storylines: the battles with Rad and her complete alienation form the Femforce, the introduction of Joan Wayne's daughter Jen Burke as the new Ms. Victory, and the escalation of the Black Shroud's menace from a sinister threat into open, deadly warfare. Included in this month's intro is a chronology of events in AC history leading up to the Shroud wars, as well as the usual comments on crossovers that occur within this ten-issue span of Femforce.


Several other titles are interwoven with the continuity of Femforce 21-30. Each is listed here, with an explanation of its placement within the chronology.

Femforce in the House of Horror 1 (before FF 21)
The Trick-or Treaters at the end of this story confirm that it takes place on October 31. Colt's early morning reference to the previous night's induction party dates FF 20 on the night of October 30. The second story of FF 22, in which She-Cat finishes the story of her Old West dream, takes place during the cleanup the group performs on Halloween day. It is, therefore, a retro-continuity story that chronologically takes place within the pages of Femforce in the House of Horror.

AC Annual 1 (between FF 24 and GGAQ 1 (1)
A lull in activity between the battle with Rad and the invasion of the Shapeshifters make this the logical place for She-Cat and Tara to journey to South America to track down the wayward Stella.

Good Girl Art Quarterly 1 (between AC Ann 1 and FF 25)
The Femforce's battle with the Shapeshifters spans the first four issues of this title, but only in the first story is Colt depicted as leader, putting this story before Femforce 25, at which point the Shapeshifters case is put on hold while Jen Burke gets her feet wet as the new Ms. Victory.

Good Girl Art Quarterly 2-4 (between FF 28 & NV's Cauldron of Horror 2)
With Jen's role as the Femforce's new leader clearly established (though not entirely welcome), the Shapeshifters investigation is resumed, and the invading aliens are thwarted.

Synn, the Girl From LSD
Chronological placement of this book is not critical, since it is a retro-continuity story dating back to the days of Colt's leadership of the Femforce (Tara mentions at one point being stuck with Synn because Colt, She-Cat and Nightveil are on another assignment). Since Nightveil placed Synn in limbo before Colt's assumption of FF leadership (in FF 9), and did not take her out permanently until Colt's departure (FF 28), this must be a temporary sojourn in reality for Synn, who soon after returns to limbo until Laura comes to bring her back to the real world for good.

Nightveil's Cauldron of Horror 2 / Femforce: Night of the Demon 1 (between GGAQ 4 and FF 29)
The relatively quiet period between the end of the Shapeshifters case and the awakening of the Vault heroes make this a logical setting for these stories. C of H comes before N of D based on the assumption that Nightveil had originally planned to spend Halloween at her Everglades sanctum, but then decided to join her friends in Orlando later that evening.


The Black Shroud was one of the prime movers in AC history from his first battle with Captain Paragon through the end of the Shroud Wars. Because so much of his pervasive influence was behind the scenes, the extent of his evil works may be underestimated. What follows is a story-by-story recounting of most of the important events relating to the Shroud's rise to power and his ultimate defeat.

Bill Black's Fun Comics 4
(Stardust Descending)

Captain Paragon's 30-year battle with the Shroud resumes . The Shroud is apparently killed when blast from Stardust separates his body from Dr.Latimer's.

Americomics 1
(Dream Walker)

Chen Lo explains to Roger Brant the origin of his temple as the domain of the Faceless Ones cult, of whom we later learn that Zara Khan ruled.

Americomics 6
(Terror Flight)

Kuromoko, whom we later learn is the Shroud's disciple, makes an unsuccessful bid to buy Jungle Island from TC Fremont.

Shade Special 1
(Voodoo Night)

The first sign of treachery in the spirits that comprise the Shade and will later take possession of the Shade for the Shroud.

Captain Paragon 2-4

The Shroud's essence leaves his lifeless body and takes possession of coroner Charlie Hawkins. He then contacts his disciples, including Jong Sue & Yong Cha Chae.

Dragonfly 6, 7

Kuromoko learns much about Dragonfly by his assassination attempt, and the evil spirits within Roger take control of the Shade.

Femforce 3

Introduction of Stella Stargaze, whom the Shroud influences to disrupt Tara's life, distracting her enough to plant his evil seed on her Island.

Sentinels of Justice 1-6
Femforce 7-8
Armageddon Factor 1,2, Special

The Shroud orchestrates the entire Earth / Vardax war including the destruction of the Earth for the sole purpose of getting Paragon to voluntarily limit his omnipotence.

Nightveil 6-7

The Shroud Influences Nightveil to resurrect Dan Barton, who in turn destroys Ms. Victory by transforming her into Rad.

Femforce 19

The Shroud begins inflicting terrifying nightmares on members of the Femforce to dispirit and demoralize them. Weir announces that his Purple Claw has identified the Shroud as the source of the growing evil, and Jungle Island as the nexus.

Femforce 20, 22

She-Cat and Rad both experience Shroud induced nightmares.

Femforce 26-27
(The Devil Below)

The Shroud, now inhabiting Kuromoko's body, comes into the open, as he explains his origin, his manipulations to date, and his future plans to a quartet of heroes on Jungle Island. He then sends them off to gather the forces of good for the upcoming battle

Femforce 29
(Darkfire Delusions)

The Shroud attacks the Weir Asylum soon after the Vault heroes are awakened, and frees some dangerous villains who had been incarcerated in its depths

Femforce 31

Retro-continuity story depicting how Dragonfly became tainted by the Shroud's evil and explaining how the Shroud met and enslaved Klyness in order to trap Captain Paragon 30 years ago.

Femforce 32

The Shroud recruits his evil minions and relates to them the events he has controlled, including the resurrection of Dan Barton and the ongoing battle between Stella Stargaze and the Femforce.

Femforce 34-36

The final climactic battle between the forces of good and evil, culminating in the Shroud's defeat and imprisonment inside the Purple Claw.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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