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Femforce Index

Femforce 9


COVER: Tom Grindberg (same logo as FF 7)


MILESTONES: Rad quits FF, Colt becomes FF leader; Tara discovers She-Cat's identity, Origin & death of the Haunted Horseman, 1st hint of nature of She-Cat's power and her link with Joan Wayne

Story: Breakables (22 pgs)

Wes Covington, story; Bill Barnes, pencils; Danny Taverna, inks; Bill Black, edits

While Nightveil recalls the recent events that culminated in Ms. Victory's transformation into Rad, Claudette Meyler struggles to retain control over the predatory demonic spirit that inhabits her and is the source of She-Cat's power. Tara finds Claudette at the high school she teaches in and tells her that Rad has summoned the two of them to a meeting. Tara's hand has been cruelly injured by Joan, and Claudette puts her into a healing sleep for the drive to FF HQ. On the way to the meeting herself, an elderly Joan flees from a chance encounter with Tom Kelly, who is troubled by the change in Joan and by the complexity of his feelings for her. Later, at FF HQ, Joan announces that she is leaving the team, which she expects the government to dissolve after her departure. Claudette's despair over being deserted by Joan allows the demon within her to emerge, and she attacks Rad, exposing her identity to Tara. Rad repels the attack and flies off, bringing the meeting to an abrupt end. Later, on Jungle Island, Nightveil rendezvous with Tara, who introduces her to the FF's newly designated leader, their old friend Colt.

Heroes / Heroines

Last App

Next App

Colt (Val Kirk)

FF 8 (1)

Arm Fact 1

Nightveil / Blue Bulleteer (Laura Wright)

NV 7 (1)

Arm Fact 1

She-Cat (Claudette Meyler)

FF 8 (1)

Arm Fact 1

Tara (Tara Fremont) (C)

FF 8 (1)

Arm Fact 1

Villains / Opponents

Black Commando (Dan Barton) (F)

NV 7 (1)

Arm Spe 1


NV 7 ( 1)

Arm Spe 1

Stella Stargaze

FF 6

FF 10 (1)

Supporting Characters

Dr. Nathan Margold

FF 7 (1)

FF 13 (F)(C)


1st app

FF 16 (1)

Capt. Tom Kelly

FF 7 (1)

FF 13


She-Cat's demonic tormentor; child being menaced


Orlando; Jungle Island; Denver (F)


FF HQ; Deacon Miller High School; Gov't complex holding Barton (F)


Recent past (F); present; between Rad's origin and Armageddon War

Magic & Tech.

V-45 capsule (F); Barton's stasis chamber (F); Rivits' signal devices

Joan's cold rejection of Claudette appears to be connected to the emergence of the demon within She-Cat, but the bond between them is not explained until FF 16 (1).... Claudette acts much nicer toward Tara than she normally does as She-Cat.... Claudette's presence and her knowledge of the FF is a mystery to Tara until she discovers who she is.... Even though Nightveil does not have firsthand knowledge of how bad Joan has become, her chipper mood on Jungle Island is not easily explained in light of the recent bouts of self-remorse and doubt that have been plaguing her (unless she is trying to put up a brave front for Tara and Colt).


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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