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Femforce Index

Femforce 16


COVER: Black (simulated photo cover)

EDITORIAL CONTENT: Golden Age Ms. Victory article; 1st Black & White issue

MILESTONES: She-Cat bonds with Octavia Howard and assumes a new identity

1st Story: Barefoot and Malevolent (19 pgs)

Wes Covington, script; Darren Goodhart, pencils: Brad Vancata inks; Walt Paisley, letters; "Gray Tonz," colors; Bill Black, edits

Mark, one of Claudette Meyler's students, shows up at her apartment and is brusquely rebuffed by a woman he doesn't recognize and who claims that Claudette no longer lives. The woman is actually She-Cat, transformed after her bond with Octavia Howard. Meanwhile, off Jungle Island, Nightveil comes aboard Janis and Tara's boat and tries to get Janis to open up her feelings after her recent reconciliation with Tara. They are soon joined by Colt, but as she, Tara, and Janis drive through the jungle in a jeep they are attacked by government agents who do not know that the Femforce have been cleared of the destruction of the Fremont Building. The outcome of the battle is uncertain until the odds are tipped by the unexpected arrival of the savage She-Cat. With the misunderstandings cleared up and the agents gone, She-Cat explains the nature of her bond with Octavia and why that bond will ultimately prove unstable - the youth formula Octavia developed is causing her to age backwards. Already a young child, she may not have much time left before ceasing to exist.

Heroes / Heroines

Last App

Next App

Colt (Val Kirk)

FF 15

SC 1 (1)

Nightveil (Laura Wright)

FF 15

NV Spe 1 (1)

Ms. Victory (Joan Wayne) (C)(F)

Fem Fant 1 (1)

FF 17 (2)(C)

She-Cat (Claudette Meyler)

FF 15

C of SC 1

Tara (Tara Fremont)

FF 15

JG 1 (1)

Villains / Opponents

Stella Stargaze

FF 12 (1)

FF 17 (1)

Supporting Characters

T.C. Fremont

FF 12 (1)

FF 17 (1)

Octavia Howard

FF 15

FF 40 (C)(F)

Janis Lawson

FF 15

FF 39 (C)(F)


FF 9

last app to date


Gov't agents hunting FF on Jungle Island


Orlando; Jungle Island


Fremont's office; Tara's apt; She-Cat's apt.


Present; some time after Octavia's 1st meeting with She-Cat

Magic & Tech.

Tara's boat; Colt's copter; Janis's jeep; agents' blasters

Costumes: She-Cat has abandoned her old costume but has not donned her new one yet.... Chronologically, this episode marks the beginning of a 6-month period (framed by Curse of the She-Cat and She-Cat 4) of team inactivity between the events of FF 16 (1) and FF 17 (1). In that time, Tara battles a witch doctor in Africa (JG 1 (1)), She-Cat and Colt battle the secret machinations of General Gordon (SC 1-4), and Nightveil brings Thunderfox to life.... The flashback to She-Cat's origin in Curse of the She-Cat is later declared to be imaginary, but the part of the book set in the present is still a valid part of the continuity.... In a brief appearance, Stella tries to convince TC Fremont to take the Femforce to task for the chaos surrounding them, including the destruction of the Fremont building.... Nightveil shows a reassuring human side in her somewhat clumsy attempt at teleporting and her bout of seasickness.

2nd Story: "Devil With Wings"

Golden Age Miss Victory reprint not detailed in this index.

3rd Story: "Curse of the Snake"

Golden Age Nyoka reprint not detailed in this index.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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