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It's milestone atop milestone this issue, as AC COMICS officially celebrates 25 years of publishing with the BIG 150th issue of it's landmark FEMFORCE comic book series. In the history of the medium, only a select few comic book titles have reached the 150 mark, and even fewer publishers have been able to stay in the comic book business for as much as a quarter century, so AC does the celebration up right, introducing the ALL-NEW 84-page format for FEMFORCE with this special DOUBLE-SIZED issue, sporting TWICE as many pages (with EVERY ONE ALL-NEW, and never-before-seen!! Not a SINGLE reprint!!) as a regular issue.!!

Inside a cover drawn by AC publisher (and FF creator) Bill Black, the climax of the long-running "Death of Stardust" plotline reaches fruitition. NIGHTVEIL and SYNN have gathered their special force of paranormals (guest-stars FIREBEAM, The HAUNTER, COMMAND D, The SHADE, BOLT, ASTRON and ASTRA) for a final showdown on the world of the villainous OLD DARK ONES. At the last minute, MS. VICTORY arrives to join the heroic band, leaving SHE-CAT to stay behind to watch over TARA FREMONT and PARAGON, injured last issue. While an unexpected complication arrives to join the party Earthside, The cosmic contingent is amazed to find STARDUST ALIVE (if not well) and a captive of the Old Dark Ones. The day is won, STARDUST is reunited with her teammates, and all return to Earth. But- the story of the Old Dark Ones may NOT be over. "Full Circle" is the special 42-page conclusion of this long-running storyline, written (in 7 chapters) by Mark Heike, with art by Jeff Austin, Rock Baker, Quinton Bedwell, Gianluca Cerritelli, Eric Theriault, Javier Lugo, Chris Allen, Richard Scott and Jeremiah Lambert. Special editorial messages from both Bill Black and Mark Heike, and pinups/short features from Mike Machlan, Enrico Teodoarani and Giampaulo Frizzi.

Then, flip the book over, turn it upside-down, and get a double-dose of giant woman thrills with the 13th issue of GARGANTARAMA-The Comic Book, the great flip-book feature that shares it's run with FF!!

Inside a spectacular color cover by THREETA artist Dennis Chacon, it's a double-dose of the gentle giantess of the Middle Ages with 14 pages of Eric Lindberg & Rock Bakers ROWENA, as her marriage to normal-sized Cedric finally comes off- though not without incident. When ROWENA'S giant-sized family decides to crash the reception- they REALLY CRASH the reception, and there is some doubt whether any normal-sized humans will survive!!

Then, Rock Baker is back with his own creation, DINOSAUR GIRL!! It takes a full 24 PAGES of fighting pehistoric reptiles and cat fights with an entire squad of Nazi giantesses to do it, but our World War II super-sized government operative DINOGIRL finally vanquishes the evil COLONEL VON KLAA!!

More giant-woman action than has EVER appeared in a single issue of GARGANTARAMA-The Comic Book before- but get used to it. As mentioned earlier, this issue markes the beginning of a new format for FEMFORCE/GARGANTARAMA-The Comic Book.

Starting this issue, and from now on, EVERY issue will be 84 pages, meaning TWICE as much FEMFORCE "good girl art" action AND TWICE as much GTS highjinx as before!!

This issue, like all of those to come, is 84 pages,black & white interiors with full color covers, in standard comic book format, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2009.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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