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Femforce 126


ALL NEW MATERIAL!! NOT A SINGLE PAGE OF REPRINT!! The top superheroine group of all time is back with another new issue this month, chock full of more super-types than you'll find anywhere in comicdom.

Four brand new stories, starting off with a sequel to FF #122's Muck-Man saga. The big, gooey glob is back in "Totally Absorbed. A new kind of muck menace threatens, as Synn, Tara, Stardust & Ms. Victory find out what happens when you leave the leftovers out too long!! Script by Bill Black, with art by Jeff Austin.

Then, a blast from the past with the Snarling She-Cat in a solo story set in the fabulous 1950's. 'Cat meets up with another feline-powered female, Bastis. Is she friend or foe? Written by new sensation Chris Irving, pencils by Tommie Smith, and inks by Mark G. Heike.

Then, an old friend returns- Colt, the Weapons Mistress- but an old foe is with her- the villainous Dollface!! Colt creator Don Secrease writes and draws "Obsession Is More Than A Fragrance" Finally, the whole FF team embarks on a new adventure, as the sudden, mysterious appearance of an former ally sends them on the hunt for a long-forgotten super-team in: "There Is No Place Like Home", by the smashing new team of creators from Spain, writer Pedro Angusto, penciler Carlos Rodriguez, and inker Vicente CiFuentes!!

See the first modern-era revival appearance of actual Golden Age characters Man O' Metal, The Lightning, Yarko, The Twister, Green Mask, Samson, Music Master, Lady Fairplay, Twilight and Black Fury -the Century Club!!

44 thrill-packed pages, black & white with color covers, 101/4" X 7". Printed in 2004


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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