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Femforce 93


While The Terrorist fights off Dr. Lieber's Furies at the Burke home, David makes a desparate decision- allow himself to be taken into custody by the "men in black", so The Terrorist and his soon-to-be ex-wife can make a getaway. As General Strock suspects, Lieber and The Furies are actually involved with the worries, Rad and The Terrorist act- they break into The Colorado Project in hopes of determining who's behind it all. They have to fight The Justice Squad to do it, and when the best they can come out of that battle with is a draw, they need a last-second bail-out to escape. It comes in the form of a helicopter piloted by…General Strock???

"Shattered Memories" is written and drawn by Brad Gorby, with inks by Mark Heike. Guest starring Jason Burke, Rayda, Atoman, Speedbolt, Magic Lantern and Nightman.

Color cover by Brad Gorby and Mark Heike, interiors are black and white with graytones. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1996.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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