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Femforce 13


COVER: Don Secrease/ Black


MILESTONES: Jen Burke learns Joan Wayne's secret identity and is offered the Ms. Victory job; 1st app. Octavia Howard and David Burke

Story: Step Out and Away (22 pgs)

Wes Covington, story; Don Secrease, art; John Dell / Bill Koch, inks; Walt Paisley, letters; Bill Black, edits / colors

Colt is almost killed on Jungle Island by a She-Cat maddened by the increasing power of Sehkmet over her soul. Colt is still confused over the exact nature of She-Cat's affliction and is troubled by her announced intention to kill herself if she goes over the edge. Meanwhile, Capt. Tom Kelly visits the Burke home and tells Jen and David the secret behind Joan Wayne's long career as Ms. Victory. Jen quickly deduces that what Kelly is leading up to is for her to take Joan's place as the new Ms. Victory. Wanting nothing to do with the government, Jen throws Kelly out. Back on Jungle Island, Tara, against Janis's protests, goes to search for Rad and finds her in the Jungle Island lab safeguarding her last supply of V-45. Rad taunts Tara, breaking the jungle girl's heart by mockingly appealing to the darker side of Tara's nature. Later, Colt works back on the mainland tackling a gang of crooks when she receives some unwanted - and deadly - assistance form the Black Commando. Barton takes off, and Colt is captured by an enslaved Nightveil before she can pursue. Nightveil, still under Crimson's control, then shows up at She-Cat's apartment and captures Claudette, taking her prisoner.

Heroes / Heroines

Last App

Next App

Blue Bulleteer (F)(C)/ Nightveil (Laura Wright)

FF 12 (1) (C)

FF 14

Colt (Val Kirk)

FF 12 (1) (C)

FF 14

Ms. Victory (Joan Wayne)(C)(F)

FF 12 (1)

Fem Fant 1 (1)

Rio Rita (Rita Farrar)(F)(C)

O of A Spe 1

BB Spe 1 (1)

She-Cat (Claudette Meyler)

FF 12 (1)

FF 14

Villains / Opponents

Black Commando (Dan Barton)

Arm Spe 1

SC 2 (2)

Rad (Joan Wayne)

FF 12 (1)

Fem Fant 1 (1)

Supporting Characters

David Burke

1st app

FF 25 (1)

Jason Burke

NV 7 (1)

FF 25 (1)

Jen Burke

NV 7 (1)

FF 14

Octavia Howard (C)(F)

1st app

FF 14

Capt. Tom Kelly

FF 9

FF 14

Janis Lawson

FF 12 (2)

FF 14

Nathan Margold (C)(F)

FF 9 (C)(F)

FF 40 (1)(C)


Jungle Island Security; gang members killed by Black Commando


Jungle Island; Orlando; Unknown FL city; Denver (F)


Jungle Island (security, lab, Tara's apt.); Colorado complex (F); Jen Burke's home; Claudette Meyler's apt


Present, following FF 12 (2); (1-day period); 1940's, 50's (F)

Magic & Tech.

Colt's clipper; Barton's stasis chamber (F)(C); Barton's guns; V-45 supply

Costumes: This is the only appearance of the red, full body suit worn by She-Cat, presumably to cover the increasing amount of fur on her body.... She-Cat mentions being on the island to comfort Tara, but why is unclear.... The flashback depicting Joan's early career is one of the earlier versions of her origin and introduces Octavia Howard.... This is the first time that the V-47 drug that gives Ms. Victory her powers and the youth drug invented by Octavia are specifically discussed as separate substances. Presumably Joan has found a way to combine the two into one capsule.... Tara's efforts to reach Joan cause further friction between her and Janis.... Barton, in his first meeting with Colt, acts like more of a hero than usual, although a deadly one.


Based on The Official Guide to The AC Universe by Ken Kerouac
Entire contents Copyright (C) 1995 - 2015 AC Comics - Used by permission of AC Comics..


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