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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.



It's been five long years since the last volume was published, but the folks at Bantam Books have announced a collaboration with Baen Publishing and the fledgling Pamster Toy Company to introduce a line of action figures based on characters from the popular Wild Cards mosaic novels. Set in a world like our own; save for the alien Takisian Virus which killed tens of thousands, disfigured thousands and left a precious lucky few with fantastic powers; the Wild Cards novels feature the exploits of characters created by some of the top writers in science fiction, including George R. R. Martin, Roger Zelazny, Melinda Snodgrass, Chris Claremont, John J. Miller, Stephen Leigh, Walter Jon Williams, Lewis Shiner and many, mnay more. The books were written in the "mosaic" format, allowing each author to write the chapters featuring their own charcters.

A group shot of many of the new Wild Cards action figures.

Here are two heroic aces, the mysterious Wall-Walker, who has several other secret identities, and the ill-fated Howler, who died in the most gruesome way imaginable on September 15, 1986. These may be sold in themed two-packs, as "Crimefighting Aces".

These two figures will be sold in a "Aces of the Justice Department" two-pack. On the left is Nephi Callender, aka Straight Arrow, a devout Mormon who wields flame powers; to the right is Billy Ray, aka Carnifex, whose amped up reflexes and amazing recuperative powers make him a formidable opponent. And never, ever spill anything on his white uniform.

These two figures will be sold in "The Strongest Men on Earth" two-pack. On the left we have Mordecai Albert Jones, aka the Harlem Hammer, a friendly garage mechanic with little desire to become involved in sensationalistic crimefighting. The poor fellow on the right is Jack Braun, aka Golden Boy. He was one of the original four "Exotics for Democracy" and earned the eternal enmity of Wild Cards everywhere by becoming a friendly witness before the House Un-American Activities Commitee in 1950.

Dr. Mark Meadows, aka Captain Trips, is a brilliant chemist with the ace ability to transform into various super-beings by consuming special chemical concoctions of his own design. Here, he is ready to take his yellow powder which will tranform him into the figure at left, the super-powerful, super-verbose Starshine. These figures are to be sold in a "Captain Trips" two-pack, the Captain's other alternate identities may be released in later sets.

Here is the tragic being called The Oddity, who is actually three people (two men and a woman) merged into one constantly shifting body by the Wild Card Virus.




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