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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.


Hellboy is the "world's greatest paranormal investigator", he works (and was raised by) the BPRD, Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. His best pals are Abraham Sapien (fishman), Liz Sherman (pyrokinetic) and Roger the Homonculus. Lately the crew have been joined by new field agent Johan Krauss (medium). Hellboy was summoned to earth to bring about the end of the world. However, he ended up being raised by the allied forces and the BPRD and turned out to be a really good guy. The Nazi's who summoned him are also in this Playmobil set. They are Rasputin the Wizard, Ilsa von Hauptstein, Dr Karl Kroenen and Leopold Kurtz. The 10th character is Anung Un Rama (Hellboy's actual name) also known as the Beast of the Apocalypse. Every once in a while Hellboy's horns grow out and the Crown of the Apocalypse appears over his head. This was a greatly simplified explanation ;) ... but this character could be described as the "evil" Hellboy. The one the forces who summoned him to earth want him to be.
The official Hellboy website is at

Anung Un Rama
Abraham Sapien
Johan Krauss
Liz Sherman
Roger the Homonculus
Dr Karl Kroenen
Leopold Kurtz
Ilsa von Hauptstein
Rasputin the Wizard
Custom Box Set
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