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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.



The Legion of Superheroes, for those of you that don’t know, is DC’s superhero team from 1000 years into the future. A simplistic view of the Legion might say it is comprised young adults with special abilities from different planets banding together to try to keep the future safe. Then again nothing with The Legion is ever simple so I won’t get into terms like pre-boot and post-boot (darn that Zero Hour storyline)…

Friday – The Villains

Welcome to the fifth day of Legion figures. The four previous days you saw teams that could move a planet, hide a planet, power a planet, and occupy a planet… Today’s figures are more likely to destroy a planet than do anything else. Besides, what’s a Legion of Super-heroes without a bunch of villains though? There’s also a couple stragglers in here too.

Ea-Team: Every super team needs some villains to beat up on. Here you
see some of the Legion’s greatest adversaries, The Fatal 5, The Time
Trapper, and such…

Composite Man: A rather nasty adversary for the Legion in the past. C-Man is a Durlan, and like all Durlan’s has the ability to change his shape. Unlike other Durlans, the C-Man was engineered to mimic superpowers. He is one man with the powers of The Legion…and a nasty, anti-establishment disposition; not a fun adversary I say.

Emerald Empress: A rather nasty lady, she knows a thousand ways to kill every species in the United Planets. Teamed up with the Emerald Eye of Ekron, she is a formidable adversary. Put her in with the other four of the Fatal 5 and she is still nasty.

Grimbor: The Chains Man…this figure is an amalgam of the pre-boot and the reboot. What can you say about a man that likes to chain things up? Grimbor comes with chain accessory but “volunteer” is sold separately.

Lightning Lord: The older brother of Garth and Ayla Ranzz. He has the same powers as his younger siblings, but not the same mental stability. He’s the one that burned off Garth’s arm, bet that would make for a good Thanksgiving conversation at Mom’s.

Mano: Another member of the Fatal 5, Mano has the power to disintegrate anything he touches with his right hand. This always made me wonder what his glove was made from.

The Persuader: Give an evil man an Atomic Axe that can cut through anything? I don’t think so. But they did it, and here is the action figure to prove it. Oh yeah, they also teamed him up with four other homicidal types.

Tharok: Leader of the Fatal 5. He is a cyborg with a nasty disposition and a plan.


Time Trapper and Lori Morning: The Time Trapper is a nebulous villain. Apparently he has the ability to manipulate time. Lori, although not technically a villain, is one of the most ill received characters in Legion history. Basically she’s just a 20th Century girl who got whisked away into the machinations of the Trapper’s time ploys. The only way to get her figure sold was to package it with what many consider to be The Legion’s greatest adversary.

Validus: A member of the Fatal 5, but I don’t think he knows it. Not much is known about this creature. He’s big, susceptible to suggestion (as long as its evil I guess), and he has mental lightning. Oh yeah… you can see his brain too.

Overall: The Legion of Super-heroes, post-boot for the most part.


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