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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.


Someone at Mattel deserves a promotion for finally realizing that their Ultra Max Steel figure was being foolishly underused. In many ways, it is the best 1/6th scale figure on the market--when it can be found. Indeed, the "ultra-articulated" Max has all the poseability of the popular Dragon figures, but has a decent athletic build with broad shoulders. Sadly, the vast majority of Max Steel products seen languishing on the pegs at local toy stores are pathetic imitations of the Ultra, with drastically limited articulation, which undercut the commercial potential of the Ultra Max body.

Mattel has announced plans to spin-off a new adult collector line, based on Ultra Max. These figures will not suffer from tattoos, molded wristbands, poofy hair, audio chips, lights, or butt-ugly, useless accessories that have plagued the CGI cartoon-based, kiddy, Max Steel line. Extra heads and bendy hands for the base figure will be easily interchangeable and available in carded sets.

Also, Mattel plans to start producing licensed action figure sets, based on their new Ultra Max body. Doc Savage and The Phantom (prototypes shown) are the first two characters announced in the "Heroes of the Golden Age" series. They come in their own collector display boxes with a mini poster and various accessories.

Doc Savage
Clark "Doc" Savage, Jr., was the first "super man" from the pulp magazines of the 30s. Scientist, Musician, Surgeon, Detective, Explorer, Adventurer, Scholar, and heir to the fabulous gold of Hidalgo, this 1/6th scale action figure sports detailed, 1940s-style jodhpurs with a wide, brown "leather" belt and brown riding boots, as well as his ubiquitous, signature ripped shirt. Doc comes with neck chain, utility belt pouch, rope, map, crossbow, and gas grenade (not shown).

The back of the box contains a proof-of-purchase coupon for a discount on a mail-in "super machine pistol" with adjustable brown leather shoulder strap (not shown).

The Phantom
The "immortal" Ghost Who Walks--nemesis of pirates worldwide--was one of the first costumed heroes. Why a jungle hero felt the need for a domino mask and head-to-toe uniform is anyone's guess.

The figure's mask and costume are impeccably detailed, and are not removable. His black "leather" boots and holsters look great, and the "good & bad" silver (real metal) rings set off the ensemble. The Phantom comes with his twin 45s, of course, along with a black-blade knife, rifle (pewter), and Zulu spear (not shown).

On the back of the box is a proof-of-purchase coupon for a discount on a mail-away Devil, the Phantom's faithful wolf/dog (with bendy legs and tail).

Dragon Models
The Shadow
Dragon is the preeminent designer of quality 1/6th scale bodies, well-sculpted and painted heads and accessories, but until now most collectors have been more familiar with the Dragon military lines, but they produce more exciting lines in Asia. Recently, Dragon has decided to market these in America, starting with The Shadow! Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men? The Shadow knows!

The Shadow comes on a standard Dragon body. These base figures are rather "slim" as a rule, but this look works well with the Shadow character and multi-layered costume. From the wide brim of his black fedora, to his deluxe, "satin" cape, the Shadow comes ready for action in his own display box! His face concealed behind a blood red scarf, his lithe form is draped in a long, belted overcoat. Complete with panel-front black shirt and baggy trousers, the Shadow's gloved hands clutch his diecast Colt 45s. The Shadow also comes with a double concealment shoulder-holster (not shown), worn over his trench coat, a wicked-looking knife (not shown), and his legendary girasol ring, that gives him the power to "cloud men's minds."

The Shadow has a handsome and familiar headsculpt, reminiscent of the recent movie, with just the right "hawkish" nose. The back of the box contains a proof-of-purchase coupon for a discount on a mail-in, carded Lamont Cranston tuxedo set with plain replacement hands.

The Mighty Thor
ToyBiz has announced yet another line of action figures. Aimed at adult collectors, as opposed to 10 year-olds, this line will be in 1/6th scale with plenty of articulation, drawing from the vast catalog of Silver Age characters that Jack Kirby created for Marvel in the 60s. Marvel representatives revealed that a significant portion of the profits will go to the family and estate of the late Jack Kirby, in consideration for his years of stellar service to Marvel, and the comic book art form, in general. It's about time!

Future plans include inclusion of Jack's DC-licensed characters, such as OMAC, the Demon, and Kamandi.

The first figure in this highly anticipated series will be The Mighty Thor (prototype shown). As you can see, this version of the god of thunder is true to Kirby's most familiar design, and does not sport the beard, armor, eye patch, cloven hooves, or--ugh--breasts attributed to Thor by latter day, junior varsity "artists!" Thor comes with winged helmet, large poseable cape, colorful costume, knee-high boots (all non-removable), molded hair, and magic, uru hammer.

A stylish figure stand is included, with poseable support column, and a broad, flat base in basic black with padded surface. The back of the box contains a proof-of-purchase coupon for a discount on a mail-in, carded Dr. Don Blake secret identity figure.


All characters and logos are © and ™ by their respective companies.

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