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Goliath by Rob Lowe Crimson Cowl by Arkenyon Beetle by Rob Lowe Moonstone by Lars Executioner by Lars Beetle by Rod Masters Absorbing Man by ToyBiz Man-Ape by Pablolobo Radioactive Man by Arkenyon Ultron 5 by Arkenyon Black Knight by Arkenyon Scorpion by Rob Lowe Doctor Octopus by Rob Lowe Shocker by Rob Lowe Piledriver by Robokillah Tiger Shark by Arkenyon Mr. Hyde by Robokillah Baron Zemo II by Pablolobo Eel by Rob Lowe Egghead by Rob Lowe Machinesmith by Pablolobo Slyde by Rob Lowe Fixer by Rob Lowe Enchantress by Lars Baron Zemo II by Rob Lowe Whirlwind by Rob Lowe Scorpion by Rod Masters Screaming Mimi by Robokillah Click on the figure to see the recipe, or choose from the list below.
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Rob Lowe
Rod Masters
Brian Rutherford
Pablo Lobo


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