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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.


“Here’s an excerpt from the Press Release for Pong! The Action Figures:
For immediate release.
Los Angeles, California. The Dimm & Howe Toy Company is proud to announce the addition of action figures based on the popular Atari Pong video game to their schedule of new releases. Said Mr. I. P. Freely, executive vice president of innovation for D&H Toys:

“D&H Toys has always been on the cutting edge, and it was clear to us that we needed to add a video game license to our toy lineup. We immediately thought of Pong.

Who can forget the raw emotional experience that was Pong. The tension. The drama. The beeping. That, and all the good licenses, like Resident Evil, were all ready taken.

Made of solid state-of-the-art resin, these figures represent the maximum melding of form and function. Sculpts that are true to the video game, with no pesky articulation to get in the way. Total play value from top to bottom.

Our sculptors captured the very essence of each of the characters, I think. Although Right Paddle is exceptionally well done, in my opinion. He’s been my favorite character from the very beginning, though.”

The Pong figures come packaged in collector-friendly, reusable clamshells (it even says so right on the package!) so that collectors can take the figures out to re-enact those epic duels of yesteryear, and then put the figures away for safekeeping later. Expect to see them in fine toyshops later this fall.

The Dimm & Howe Toy Company, family-owned since 1917, is the maker of the popular board games “Holy Moley:The Religious Rodent”, and “Weekly Farm Report: The Home Version”.”



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