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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.


WOW! What a scoop on the latest offerings from small time toy company, Just Us Toys Inc. You’ll never believe this!!! It looks like for the first time in years the most requested DC toy line is being resurrected. Yes I mean Super Powers!!! Yes, that’s right the toy line of the 80’s that featured such stars a Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, & Shazam! A line that gave us super-hero figures with working action features. Just Us Toys has managed to secure a deal that will allow them to reproduce figures of that line as well as expand on it with characters from the era in which the line was created.

While interview the CEO, Justice Kaerf we learned that the line won’t start out with the traditional heroes like Green Lantern & Flash, which will be reproduced down the way. Instead the first offerings will give us Bizarro, Black Canary, & Ralph Dibny the Elongatedman. Each figure will come with a unique action feature. Black Canary feature Power Action Judo Block, while Elongatedman has Power Action Torso Stretch. Finally Power Action Backwards Super Slug belongs to Bizarro. The new figures will also feature the classic packaging of the original line.

We wondered why such choices for the start of a line, that we know fans and collectors will snatch up, so we asked. The reply was…”Simple, most the characters have been done before and we at JUTI wanted to give the fans something new with the lines debut, not to just rehash the same characters that we see at the start of every DC toy line”. When asked who else would show up in the line, Kaerf had this to say, “ I’m a huge fan of classic DC characters and cartoons that showcase those characters, as well a big fan of the Justice League & Teen Titans”.
Hmm…does this mean we may see the likes of Black Manta, Cheetah & the rest of the Legion of Doom? Maybe Changeling & Kid Flash? Hawkgirl? Zatanna? Guess only time will tell but one thing is for sure, this line is sure to be a big hit with fans.


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