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CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.



At long last, the line of “Charlton Action Heroes” comes alive! This series consists of
eight figures that put the now defunct publisher on the map! Voodoo Zombie
Collectibles, creators of the Quality Comics “Freedom Fighters” seven piece set brings us
this wave of action figures.

The first caption shows Captain Atom and Nightshade. The nuclear endowed Captain is
sporting the look that was lovingly crafted by the master of Action Heroes, Steve Ditko.
Nightshade, the damsel of darkness, is also in the traditional Ditko style costume.

The next sentinels of justice are Judo Master and Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt. The martial
artist  , Judo Master, is seen here as originally envisioned by creator, Frank McLaughlin.
Look for a Tiger figure, JM’s sidekick, in the near future! Thunderbolt has had several
make-overs, but his first look was chosen here. Again, this figure is a homage to the
traditional Pete Morisi design.

Moving down the line we have Sarge Steel and The Question. The metal fisted Sgt. is
shown as he was often depicted by fan favorite and Charlton Action Hero pioneer, Dick
Giordano. The Question’s appearance harkens to his Ditko origins, as the one and only
faceless crusader.

The final figures in this series include Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett and Peacemaker.
Since Hasbro has already produced a Blue Beetle II (Ted Kord), he
has been replaced by his super powered predecessor, Dan Garrett. The silver age
rendering of this Blue Beetle is a bit of an amalgam, as his costume varied slightly during
his books run at Charlton. The self contradicting hero, Peacemaker, is reminiscent of the
late Pat Boyette’s designs during his stay at Charlton.


Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the golden age Blue Beetle and sidekick Sparky!
Other possible figures on the way... Wander: The Man from Sirius 5, The Shape, The
Ghost, The Image, Smiling Skull, The Prankster, Sinistro: Boy Fiend, The Hooded One,
The Sentinels, Spookman and more!

Voodoo Zombie Collectibles frequently sells action figures on eBay under the usernames
voodoozombie & tictoc77.

For more information please e-mail Ken Pick


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