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300 Remember Us

With Frank Miller's announcement of the 300 prequel comic, Xerses, and the inevitable Zack Snyder feature film adaptation of said prequel, NECA will be revisiting the Battle of Thermopylae with 2 waves of action figures to get us ready for the Xerses movie line debuting in the Spring of 2012.

Wave 1 consists of 3 highly articulated Spartans, each comes complete with their spear, sword and shield, ready to do battle at the narrow cliffs of the Hot Gates.

Spartans! Prepare for glory!


"A thousand nations of the Persian empire descend upon you. Our arrows will blot out the sun!"

"Then we will fight in the shade."

"Arcadian, I've fought countless times, yet I've never met an adversary who could offer me what we Spartans call "A Beautiful Death." I can only hope, with all the world's warriors gathered against us, there might be one down there who's up to the task."


"Dilios, I trust that 'scratch' hasn't made you useless."

"Hardly, my lord, it's just an eye. The gods saw fit to grace me with a spare."

Hundreds leave, a handful stay. Only one looks back.



"A new age has begun, an age of freedom. And all will know that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend it."

"Give them nothing! But take from them everything!"


Wave 1 is scheduled for a Fall 2010 release with wave 2 following in Spring 2011.

Wave 2 is rumored to contain Xerses himself as well as an Immortal warrior and even the giant Uber Immortal.

"In the end, a Spartan's true strength is the warrior next to him.



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