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Steam Wars: Return of the Jedi

Here is Sillof’s follow up to the popular line from the last 2 CustomCons.  Formerly called Steampunk Star Wars, the line has been officially changed to Steam Wars.  This time Sillof is taking on the Return of the Jedi.  His re-visioned characters are full of retro-futurism twists and antiquated design elements.  Great lengths were taken to give the entire line of over 30 figures a cohesive aesthetic. 

This line goes even bigger then the previous ones with vehicles and playsets this time.  The line is 6” in scale and each figure was carefully sketched out and redesigned taking a few key classic elements of the original characters and blending them with his own unique archaic feel. 

Bib Fortuna
The major domo of the intergalactic crime boss Jabba the Hutt is Bib Fortuna, part personal assistant  and part consigliore.  His trademark tentacles have been replaced by mechanical versions.  The face is very much the same, but the character now sports a derby and trench coat rather then the classic robes.

Jedi Luke
Attempting to rekindle the order of Jedi, but fighting his own dark inner demons, is Jedi Luke Skywalker.  This version of Luke is more mature and intimidating then his “A New Hope” incarnation.  The look was achieved by using the idea of the Obi-Wan armor as a starting point and adding darker elements and the raised hood, like the cloak worn in the films.  His lightsaber has the cohesive feel of the others in the line so far.

Salacious Crumb
The cackling, creepy little jester of Jabba’s crew is always ready for mischief.  He is very similar to his cinematic inspiration but features a small top hat for that touch of Victorian England.

Slave Leia
Suspended from a pipe is Jabba’s  most recent acquisition, Slave Leia.  Her classic gold bikini has been replaced with a corset and half dress.  The color scheme is the same but now she is suspended from a pipe attached to Jabba’s chair.

Jabba the Hutt
The grotesque godfather rules the streets and back alleys with a sweaty, bloated, iron fist.   The look of the nefarious crime boss was modified heavily.  He is a fusion of the memorable space slug and his deleted human alter ego.  The custom winged back chair barely contains the massive frame of this cigar smoking Mafioso.


In the distant jungles of Yavin the pint sized primates known as the Ewok lurk in shadows.  Yielding the eternal complaint of the cuteness of Ewoks, the new version has a more primal appearance.  He proudly wears the bones and armor of the imperial soldiers he has slaughtered in defense of his ancestral lands. 


Biker Scout
The Imperial Bike Scouts zips trough the jungle keeping the peace atop his steam & propeller powered bike.  He wears armor similar to his imperial compatriots from the previous lines but features unique elements and increased possibility for the seated position on his custom made speeder bike.

Imperial Royal Guard
Keeping constant guard of Emperor Palpatine making sure any “adoring” subjects seeking an audience with the Emperor are properly dissuaded.  The trade mark imperial armor of the line is now featured in crimson with red cape and tall polearm.

Emperor Palpatine
Sitting atop his massive throne, dressed the imperial attire of a Napoleonic coronation, scepter in hand, the sovereign keeps the local systems inline with Machiavellian fear and Draconian laws.



Admiral Ackbar
The clever crustacean, who leads the rebellion against the Empire, always on the lookout for a trap, features a classic naval admiral uniform in the color scheme of the film character.  His crablike pincers, golden epaulets, and knee high stockings capture the look of a bygone era.

X-Wing Pilot Wedge Antilles
The backbone of the Rebellion is the fearless pilots of the X-wing Bi-plane.  Decked out in his orange jumpsuit, and chest air box (similar to those of the imperial pilots) and domed helmet for maneuvers that take him up the upper reaches of the Æther.



All characters and logos are © and ™ by their respective companies.

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