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Resident Evil Legos
Customs by
Dave Eggert
Web Address

Lego is pleased to announce one of their biggest licensing deals ever. Based on the best selling Resident Evil games, Lego will release 5 sets, each one based on one of the Resident Evil games. The sets will include:

Resident Evil
This set will feature the Umbrella Mansion. Included in the set are figures of:
-Chris Redfield
-Jill Valentine
-Rebecca Chambers
-Barry Burton
-Albert Wesker
-Brad Vickers
This set will also include 2 Cerberus and the Tyrant.

Resident Evil 2
This set will feature the Raccoon City police station. Figures will include:
-Leon Kennedy
-Claire Redfield
-Hunk (Not Shown)
-Ada Wong (Not Shown)
-Sherry Birkins (not Shown)
This set will also include William Birkins and Mr. X.

Resident Evil: Nemesis
This set will feature the Raccoon City trolley. Figures will include:
-Jill Valentine
-Brad Vickers (a "bloodied" repaint of the RE Brad)
-Carlos Oliveira (Not Shown)
-Lt. Mikhail (Not Shown)
-Nicholai (Not Shown)
This set will also include the Nemesis and two Hunters.

Sets based upon Resident Evil; Code Veronica, Resident Evil 4, and the Resident Evil films will debut next year.

All figures are Lego men and Sculpey.


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