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CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.


Roswell Wave III: The Villains
Another wave of action figures from Inc in association with Sci-Fi Channel based on the under appreciated sci-fi drama series, Roswell.

Beginning this third wave is one of the shows most popular villains, the teenage miss-fit Nicholas, leader of the Skins. Although he only featured in three episodes (The Harvest, Wipeout and Max in the City) he was an interesting character, and was judged popular enough to be action-figure worthy.

Continuing in the tradition of villains is Lonnie, played by the multi-talented Katherine Heigl in her duel role as Isabel Evans, and her evil "dupe" in the season two episodes Meet the Dupes and Max in the City. "It was important for us to include one of the dupes," says a Inc spokesperson, "we felt that Lonnie was the most fun of the evil doubles, leading to our decision to include her. If this figure is popular, we hope to produce Zan, Rath and Ava [the other dupes] at a later date."

Finally in this line is the much-hated evil alien Tess Harding, played by the not-so-hated Emilie De Raven. Tess won the hatred of fans when she murdered Alex and then tried to deliver Max and the others to their evil alien enemies. However, Sci-Fi Channel and Inc. felt that she did warrant an action figure, even if it's only for the Anti-Tess League to mutilate. Due to fears of unpopularity however, Tess is being short packed, to avoid her figure becoming a peg warmer in the future. So if you see one, we advise you buy it fast!

No information is currently available on whether the Roswell action figure line will continue past these three waves, but a Inc spokesman assured us that it was a possibility. "There are still loads of cool characters [to make as action figures] such as Jesse Ramirez, the dearly departed Alex, and other supporting characters like Courtney Banks, Brody Davis, Amy and Sean DeLuca....the possibilities are endless. If we get the chance, we'll certainly be making more! We were hoping this [project] would be in collaboration with RaginRon Studios, but unfortunately they had other commitments, however we look forward to working with them in the future!"


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