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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.


Roswell Wave II
Continuing this fabulous new range of action figures based on the deceased sci-fi drama series Roswell, are four new figures from Inc. in association with the Sci-Fi Channel.

Leading this line-up is the star of the show, the alien king Max Evans, played by Jason Behr. Max is seen here with his season 3 hairstyle, as Sci-Fi Channel were anxious to keep the figures looking modern. There will however be a limited variant available of Max's season 1-2 hairstyle (see inset) for those die-hard Max fans.

Continuing this second wave is fan-favourite Maria DeLuca, played by the beautifully talented Majandra Delfino. Maria is seen here in her Crashdown Café uniform, and is sporting her most up-to-date hairstyle. All through production, Inc had been running with a blonde Maria, but plans were changed at the last minute to try and abide by comments made by Majandra in past interviews, where she stated she preferred her hair dark. Very small quantities of the blonde Maria (see inset) have filtered through into the shops, so if you see one - snap it up! It's rare!

Next in this wave is the show's overseeing adult, Jim Valenti. The former Sheriff of Roswell, and Kyle's father appears hear in his familiar uniform. Inc felt it was important to include Valenti, as he represents the more mature aspects of the shows popularity.

Surprisingly, the final figure of Wave II is Roswell's executive producer, famous for his role on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jonathan Frakes. Frakes has made three guest appearances during Roswell's three season run, in the original Pilot episode, the season one episode The Convention, and in season three's Secrets and Lies, which saw Max auditioning in front of Frakes and John Billingsly (Enterprise's Dr.Phlox) for a role on the hit UPN show!


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