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CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.


Roswell Revisited
Last Spring, ToyBiz announced plans and showed prototypes for an action-figure line based on the struggling sci-fi drama Roswell. Due to poor viewing figures, this toy line was never produced, much to the dissatisfaction of Roswell fans everywhere.

Roswell was recently dropped by its latest home of UPN. However, Sci-fi channel have announced their plans to repeat seasons 1-3 of the show. In an attempt to increase the popularity of the underrated drama, Sci-Fi Channel, in association with Inc. are producing a huge range of new action figures based on the characters of Roswell.

Wave One has been named Roswell Revisited. Sci-fi Channel was able to secure the rights to use ToyBiz's old moulds. This first line consists of ToyBiz's four original figures, reworked by sculptors at Inc.

This line is headed up by Liz Parker, leading lady of the show. Liz was the first human to learn the alien's secrets, after Max Evans healed her. Played by Shiri Appleby, Liz has remained a key player in the show throughout its three-year life span.

Continuing the line is an almost completely different version of ToyBiz's Michael Guerin. Inc believed it was important to bring the toy line up-to-date, and therefore ditched ToyBiz's earlier efforts in favour of a Michael based on season 2 of the show. There was talk that he should be based on his Season 3 hairstyle, but a Inc spokesman said, "We didn't want to do that hairstyle - he looks stupid! This one's much better"

Isabel Evans, sister of Max, is also featured in this line. Isabel remains largely unchanged from the ToyBiz original; the only differences being minor sculpt changes, and a new colour scheme. Although Isabel has gone through a lot of changes over the three years, both in character development, and physical appearance, a Season 3 Isabel is not yet planned.

Liz's ex-boyfriend, and follower of Buddha, the human saved from the brink of death by Max, Kyle Valenti rounds out this line, featuring a new colour scheme, differing from his original figure.

Sci-Fi Channel, in association with Inc and RaginRon Studios plan to continue their Roswell action figure line with at least two more waves, featuring other main characters such as Max and Maria, and lesser, but no less popular characters such as the Michael-worshipping Courtney, and the evil Nicholas. All further lines will include figures created entirely by Inc, without the head start from ToyBiz!

Each figures stand approximately 6" tall, and features a wide range of Roswell accessories. Each figure individually carded.

CustomCon will bring you continued coverage of Roswell action figures throughout the week.


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