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CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.



BTAS: The Rogues

After nearly losing the BTAS/TNBA line due to numerous "Neon Camouflage Rubber Duck Armor Batman" figures, Hasbro has decided to revisit the original Batman: The Animated Series on the eve of its tenth anniversary with a new page from its rich history. In a move that is sure to please kids and collectors alike, Hasbro has announced plans to continue the classic figure line with a new line devoted entirely to the villains of Gotham City, a line dubbed simply "The Rogues." The line will add some long-awaited characters that were never made in the original line. The most exciting news, however, is the announcement that the second and third waves of the line will feature several new figures that never appeared on the animated show, but that have a significant place in the history of Batman. Consulting with producers Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, Hasbro has come up with a classic mix of villains from the comics and has weaved them into the BTAS universe as if they were there all along. Of course, it wouldn't be a Batman line without figures of Batman and Robin, and Hasbro has added a two-pack featuring a variant of each to the first wave. These variants, however, unlike previous ones, make perfect sense and are a welcome addition to the line.

Working with toy designers Fred Aczon, and Brad McCurry, Hasbro has assembled a formidable force to oppose the heroes of Gotham.

Wave One - Classic BTAS

Batman and Robin Two Pack
Finally, repaints that make sense! Part of the storyline developed by Hasbro, Timm, and Dini takes place a few years before the events in the original BTAS, and therefore Hasbro needed figures representing the costumes they wore at that time. Batman is finally captured in his Neal Adams/Marshall Rogers-inspired costume, and Robin in his "shorts and booties" costume. A welcome addition to the many Batman and Robin figures already on fans' shelves. Comes with two batarangs for each figure.



Red Claw
The feline fatale finally arrives to plague both Batman and Catwoman. Comes with bomb and ransom money.

  Maxie Zeus
The crazed Greek business tycoon brings the fire from Olympus to the animated line. Comes with lightning rod.
The Ninja - Kyodai Ken
Bruce Wayne's enemy becomes Batman's as the Ninja comes to Gotham City. Comes with mask and two swords.
  Clock King
Temple Fugett returns to his original look in his first figural appearance. A repaint version will appear in a later assortment reflecting his all-black look. Comes with clockhand cane and grandfather clock.
  Hugo Strange
The diminutive devil certainly showed a different look on the series than in the comics, but his modus operandi was exactly the same - discover Batman's secret identity and sell it to the highest bidder. Comes with briefcase and handgun.

*BTAS: The Rogues logo artwork courtesy of Kryptcom. Contact him at See his great artwork at


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