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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.



In 1984, there were enormous battle that clashed good, againt evil. They were considered the greatest battle ever fought. These amazing conflicts were known as Secret Wars. Today we are still oblivious to these secret battles. Many of us thought that these Secret Wars were over, but was there ever a true and clear victor. Little does everyone know that these Secret Wars are just beginning.

Secret Wars III

These Secret Wars are being fought and lead today by a team of brave, spirited and intelligent leaders: Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man. These great heros have assembled teams of remarkable, gifted and powerful beings to battle against the relentless forces of evil. In the new battles which we will call Secret Wars III, past and present, forgotten legends
and neighboring heros lead by US Liberity of DC acclaim assist in the fight againt merciless, ruthless and treacherous bands of evil villains who's only ambitions are to destory good and conquer the universe. what new figures will emerge to joint in the battle for the first and maybe last time? Look out for SECRET WARS III, beginning in October at CustomCon 5.

Human Fly, Gemini, Annihills III, Constrictor III

Nova, Wolverine, Citizen V, Spider-Man, Ironman, Bullseye

Goliath, War Machine, U.S Agent, Triathlon.

Guardian, Human Torch, Night Hawk, the Human Fly

Silver Surfer, Captian Universe, Major Vance Astro

Red Raven, Blue Diamond, Whizzer, Patriot / Liberty Legion

Procide, Capricorn, Constrictor II

Blizzard, Tarantula, Venom, Sagittarius

Swordmans, Kid Nova, Blackbolt, Hawkeye, Wolverine (costume from cartoon show)



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