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HBO Series "Game of Thrones" – Group 5


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game of thrones

HBO Series "Game of Thrones" – Group 5

Sasha (aka MsBig) has produced a range of exclusive busts for the HBO series "Game of Thrones".



Young-Lord-of-Winterfell Bran Stark

Bran is left behind as the young Lord of Winterfell, while his family tries to resolve the conflict at King's Landing.



Stark-Retainer Osha

Captured wildling, Osha, proves her loyalty as a Stark retainer when she helps Bran and Rickon.



Beyond-the-Wall Samwell Tarly

Sam Tarly saves Gilly and her baby from Craster and heads back to the wall.



Beyond-the-Wall Gilly Craster

Gilly Craster takes her baby and flees her father with Sam.





All characters and logos are © and ™ by their respective companies.

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