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CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.


Xmen Universe Classics

Customs by
Alan Virgoe
Web Address

Xmen Universe Classics - Recipes

Deathbird: Base - Hasbro ML 2 pack Elektra
Wings - ML Falcon
Leg feathers - Toybiz 5" Black Cat fur sculpted onto legs
Shoulder feathers - trim from DCUC Captain Cold poncho
Head - modified DCD JLA Wave 2 Hawkgirl
Wrist gauntlets - craft beads

Kylun: Torso, arms, head - Hasbro ML X3 Beast
Hands - miscellaneous fodder
Wrist band - miscellaneous TNA figure's elbowpad
Sword holder on back - DCUC Nightwing
Swords: miscellaneous fodder
Collar - ML Bullseye collar
Belt - ML FO Punisher belt
Skirt - ML4 Elektra
Hips, thighs - ML Deathlok
Calves, feet - ML4 Gambit

Micromax 6": Hasbro ML FF Silver Surfer
Sculpted visor

Puck: Base - ML Showdown Juggernaut
Head - Jurassic Park Skinner

Mini Micromax BC: ML Universe Silver Surfer
Sculpted visor

Strong Guy: Torso and arms - Street Fighter Birdie
Crotch - ML5 Sabretooth
Hips and legs - ML GM Wolverine
Boots - DCD Mary Marvel
Head - WildCats Maul sculpted tuft of hair
Glasses - DCD Ursa
Chest 'X' emblem - self-sticking craft foam
Sculpted coat flap on chest

Impulse: Hasbro ML AXM Cyclops
Sculpted visor

Mentor: Base - DCUC Alexander Luthor
Head - DCD Justice Brainiac

Neutron: Base - DCD Kilowog
Head - Street Fighter E. Honda
Hands - Street Fighter Blanka
Belt - ML Silver Centurion Iron Man Rocket pack
Belt buckle - thumb tack
"Crystals" - craft beads

Warstar: SMC Buzzing Beetle

C'Cil: Miscellaneous Microman figure

Micromax BC: ML Icons Silver Surfer
Sculpted visor


All characters and logos are © and ™ by their respective companies.

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