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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.


Classic Avengers

Customs by
Andy Rallis

Classic Avengers - Recipes


Scarlet Witch : ML Elektra body and head, ML Scarlet Witch hair, tiara and hands, Dr. Doom cape.


Quicksilver : ML Quicksilver repainted, hair line resculpted, lightning bolts sculpted


Vision : DCUC base figure, ML Mr. Sinister head (rescuplted), ML Spiderwoman hands, JSA Hourman cape w/ resculpted Mr. Sinister collar


Black Knight : Green Goblin base, DC Circe cape, lance made from a plastic chopstick, unknown head, helmet
Aragorn : Model horse w/ ML Angel wings

Hellcat : Head sculpt from a fellow customizer, ML Tigra body (bikini features sanded down)


Hawkeye : repainted custom from a fellow customizer


Spiderwoman : ML Spiderwoman, DC Circe hair, Elektra hands




All characters and logos are © and ™ by their respective companies.

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