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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.


Iron Man

Customs by
Mitchell Taylor
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Iron Man - Recipes

Iron Man Hall of Armors Display

Iron Man Hall of Armors Display – from a Freedom Force Helicopter Box, painted top and front outside bright red, sides dark red, bottom outside black. Bottom inside black, sides inside are painted silver, back is lined with the 3 cards that come with each figure, a row up top and on bottom separated by a gold strip. This is for the 3.75” Iron Man figures and customs.

Hydro Armor

Hydro Armor is a repaint of the blue concept Hydro Armor.

AIM Soldiers

AIM soldiers custom are repaints of a Scythe figure from Freedom Force with Super Sculpey for the helmets.

Mandroid Armor

Mandroid Armor repainted and customized from a HulkBuster Armor Iron Man from the Iron Man 2 3.75” line.
The line feeding the blaster is a painted rubber band.

Modular Armor
Modular Armor – a repaint of the Mark V armor from the movie.

Modern War Machine

Modern War Machine – I switched the missile launcher and Gatling gun and cut the missile launcher and drilled a hole in the bottom.

Wolverine and Luke Cage

Luke Cage with just a silver repaint shirt/head band/wrist bands. This also has a Wolverine I customized by cutting the size off the legs and reattaching the feet to make him more realistic in size. He is now slightly smaller than Firestar.


QuinJet for the Marvel Universe figures. This is a custom from a Freedom Force Helicopter.


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