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Marvel Who? : Dead? Not Dead!

Customs by
Adam Hammond
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Marvel Who? : Dead? Not Dead! - Recipes

Steve Rogers was made from an Animated Avengers Ant Man/Hank Pym head and a Daredevil body and Cyclops hands. Modifications were done with a JLU Lex Luthor harness, some shin guards from a dollar store ninja, rubber bands and some milliput.


Death Adder was made with a Spiderman's head and torso (the 6armed Spiderman), Scorpion's arms and upper legs, Gambit's Lower legs, the Lizard's tail and Venom's hands. His head fin was cut from Angel's wings - the more mechanical looking ones. Modifications were made with milliput and a rubber band for his belt.


Mantis was made from a Psylocke head, torso and legs. Her arms were from an XmenVSStreetfighter Chun Li. Her hair is one part MarvelVSCapcom Morrigan's and on part milliput. Her antennae are from a Wasp figure. There are also rubber band and toothpaste tube modifications.


MoonDragon was made from an Xmen-Movie Rogue head, torso and legs and Pheonix's arms. I was shooting for an interpretation of her new/current Guardians of the Galaxy look.


Devil Slayer was made with Professor X's head, a dollar store ninja body and arms and XMen Joseph's legs and a Warlock cape. Toothpaste tube, rubber band and milliput modifications.



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