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CustomCon 15

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CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.

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Marvel Legends Wave -1: Avengers Assemble!

Marvel Legends Wave -1: Avengers Assemble!

     After a two year-haitus from CustomCOn, Whiz Kid Productions returns with an amazing assortment of Marvel Legends figures. This wave of figures, with release date TBA, is part of a special arrangement between Marvel, Toy Biz, Hasbro, and WKP. "Basically, I sat down, made some figures, and started producing them. These guys keep calling me, talking about lawsuits, contracts, and other boring stuff, but I pretend I can't speak English and hang up on them," says Luke Thompson, aka Whiz Kid. Having established himself a while back with 5" Marvel figures, then moving into the 6" realm when Marvel Legends took off, and even a foray or two into DC Direct, he is confident that this wave will appeal to everyone... or at least as many people as he can sell it to before the lawyers catch up to him.

     First is the fan-Favorite Black Knight, in all his armored glory.

Black Knight will dome with a sword and an Atomic Steed.

     Here is Black Knight cruising on his ride.


    Next is Hellcat, the token female of the wave. That doesn't mean any shortcuts were taken!

     The wave continues with Machine Man. Oh yes, Machine Man!

     Extendable limbs? But of course!


     Thunderstrike puts in an appearance, in all his Asgardian glory. He will, for obvious reasons, come with his mace.


     US Agent rounds out the heroes of the wave. This look is based on the recent Invaders relaunch. He has a chield and an energy truncheon.


     But it's not over! The line has a few villainous faces in it as well, beginning with My. Hyde!


     The line also includes Dreadknight, a character many may not know, but is a personal favorite of the creator. He comes with a gun and a lance.


     Why include such a minor character? To give reason for the Build-A-Figure of his amazing flying steed, Hellhorse! Like previous Marvel Legends releases, each figure will come with a part to build this obscenely cool but relatively unknown creature.

     And there you have it! Watch the shelves- if WKP can trick the stores into carrying this unliscensed product, it'll be appearing near you soon! Look for WKP to show up at the next CustomCOn with an entry that Whiz Kid describes as "pure power!"


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