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CustomCon 15

About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.

Entertainment Earth




Pulp Adventure Heroes

Pulp Adventure Heroes

The Spider

        Richard Wentworth is a wealthy playboy who sometimes aids the police as an amateur criminologist, but more often than not works outside the law meting out lethal justice as the shaggy, fanged hunchback The Spider -- and is himself a hunted criminal for his trouble.

        Besides his frightening disguise and vicious methods, what really sets Wentworth apart from his playboy-slash-crimefighter brethren is the seamlessness of his two identities. The Spider isn't so much a costume as an iron-willed, death-dealing state of mind.

Doc Savage

        Dr. Clark Savage Jr. was raised from birth to be a man of superhuman strength and protean genius. With his five scrappy aides - the greatest brains ever assembled in one group - and a vast Mayan wealth at his disposal, he has dedicated his life to the destruction of evil doers the world over!

The Avenger

        Richard Benson was an exceptional man. While his looks did not make him stand out from the crowd, he was a scientific genius with senses and physical strength far greater than most.While on a trip with his wife and daughter he returned from a trip to the toilet he is shocked to find his wife and child gone, and everyone else on the plane denying they were ever there. Benson snaps and is hospitalized. He awakens to find that the loss has turned his jet-black hair completely white, bleached the color out of his suntanned skin, and paralyzed his facial muscles so that he can mold his features like putty. Determined to discover what really happened he becomes the Avenger, a deadly foe of the underworld.

The Rocketeer

        It is Los Angeles, 1938, and the world hovers on the brink of war. Famous adventurer and scientist, Clark "Doc" Savage Jnr., builds a one-man jet pack, which will allow a man to fly. Before it can be properly tested, the prototype is stolen by enemy agents. With the authorities in hot pursuit, they are forced to hide the pack in an airfield hanger, where it is discovered by daredevil pilot Cliff Secord. Not knowing its origin, Cliff adopts the identity of the Rocketeer. He acquits himself so well against the Nazi spies that when Doc Savage finally tracks him down, he allows Cliff to keep the device, feeling he has earned it and can continue to do good in the world with it.

The Phantom

        For more than four centuries criminals and villains the world over have spoken in whispers of a legendary figure, the Ghost Who Walks, a seeker of justice who cannot be killed or stopped in his pursuit of those who prey on the weak. This Phantom operated out of Bangalla (whose exact location is a bit inconsistent in the stories, but seems to be near or part of coastal Africa), but would pursue evildoers across the globe. Those who faced him were usually marked for life, left with a skull-shaped scar on their faces, indelibly marked by the ring on his right hand when he strikes his enemies.

The Shadow

"Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men? The Shadow knows!"

        But only perhaps the Shadow knows his secretive past which is shrouded with mystery and speculation. The Shadow has worn many faces over the years and many more names and identities, shifting between them like a chameleon. It is believed that his true name is Kent Allard; his exact origins are uncertain but many believe that he is not an American by birth. Some believe that he originally hails from France but other sources claim that he is actually British.



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