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CustomCon 15

About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.

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Wildstorm Legends Kindred Spirits 2 Packs

Straight from 2 of the not-so-special-minds that help bring to the unwashed masses comes WildStorm Legends Kindred Spirits 2 Packs. Overcoming their seething hatred for one another Fwoosh's own Magnuz and Industrial have banded together to create the prototypes for the first two 2 Packs to be released in this series.

From Industrial we have Grifter from WildCATs packaged with Backlash from Stormwatch. Former teammates from Team 7, these two have a love / hate relationship that is very much like the relationship shared between our 2 customizers. Grifter and Backlash also appeared together in the Kindred miniseries ( yeah so that kinda explains the kindred spirits 2 packs moniker ).

Grifter comes with both of his trademark twin firearms. Backlash includes 2 psi-whips that attach to the back side of his hands with magic ( or magnets, you decide ).

Magnuz brings us Apollo and the Midnighter from the Authority. Besides being teammates these two are also lovers. This in no way parallels the relationship between Magnuz and Industrial.

Apollo and Midnighter come complete with their unfettered love for one another in the face of adversity. Love is all they need.


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