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About CustomCon

CustomCon is a fictional toy show showcasing the work of several customizers. You will not find these toys in your local toy store.




If there's one person who will never let you down, it's Pierre, better known as the customizer Airmax. During the course of a phone conversation, Julius Marx and Iron-Cow were discussing this and wanted to do something as a token of appreciation for their friend. Iron-Cow remembered a Pierre mentioning once that he has acquired a Marvel Legends Mimic custom by fellow customizer Pablolobo. Pierre was so happy with the results that at some point he'd like to commission a few other people to have their own take on the character.

Pierre has done so many wonderful things for a lot of people and Julius Marx and Iron-Cow agreed it was the least they could do for their friend.

The call went out and many joined in the project. A few more couldn't make the deadline, but those pieces will be shown off at a later date.

Pierre had no awareness of the project until just the other day over lunch. You should have seen his face...

Featuring the talents of:
Lars -
Joshua -
DoubleDealer -
Julius Marx -
Iron-Cow -
Toy Otter -
SamuRon -
Earth-2 Robin -
therewasme -
Anubis8 -

Marvel Animated Mimic - by Lars

This 5" scale Mimic figure continues the line of Marvel Animated characters.


1890’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Mimic - by Joshua Izzo

My interpretation of Mimic posed the question, what would Mimic look like
were he a Victorian/Neo-Romantic Dandy? This custom was a lot of fun and
knowing that it was going to my friend Pierre made it all the more

This version of Mimic is based on a design that takes the character back to
the late Victorian Era of the 1890's. He has limited articulation (8
points) and comes with a black display stand. Included with this figures is
a Cane and an X-Men themed pocket watch (not shown).


Exiles Mimic - by Fred aka DoubleDealer

This version of Mimic is based upon his appearance in the Exiles. This figure features multiple points of articulation and stands 6" tall.


Pocket Super Heroes Mimic - by Julius Marx

For Project Mimic I found myself channeling the spirit of the Iron-Cow and making multiple entries instead of the one I was asked for or channeling Pierre himself and going above and beyond the call of duty. After all Airmax was the one the pioneered the "Julius Marx Animated Super Powers" project when my daughter was born. Filling out his new Mimic shelf is the least I can do. I just hope he really likes Mimic the way that he says that he does!

This Pocket Super Heroes Mimic was SO easy and I had all the parts I couldn't NOT make it. His base is one of the Legion of Super Heroes Pocket Heroes. I don't know which one because I got is accidentally thrown in with a mail order of other PSH and I'm not into Legion at all. So he's a Legion guy primed and repainted with Hawkgirl wings. I added a big toe to each foot to help with the look the style bit still give the impression he is barefoot.

HeroClix Mimic - by Julius Marx

This one came about just because will I was fishing out the Legion PSH from the back of my display I happed to look down and see I had a spare Vulture HeroClix on the shelf below, and thought, "How easy would THAT be?" So, here he is. He is a Marvel Vulture HeroClix with the armor dremmeled off, a milliput visor and repainted.

Super Powers Mimic Action Figure - by Julius Marx

In order to get the "Beast"- like sqatty-ness for the character I used a Hawkman body (not only is it big and stocky, but the wings already attach to it.), wing and arms and Parademon legs. I rounded off his talons and added some extra toes with milliput to give him the big feet he needed. He has an Aquaman head and cut vinyl goggles. Unlike Airmax who does AMAZING kit-bashed Frankenstein customs, for some reasons when I comes to Super Powers customs I try to only use Super Powers parts (or other Kenner stuff of that era). I think that is because the first custom Super Powers figures I ever saw were from Scooter's Custom Works and that how he operated.

X-Men Evolution Mimic - by Matt ‘Iron-Cow’ Cauley

My own Mimic contribution is based on the character's appearances in the X-Men Evolution comic book series. This first version is of Cal as an everyday high school kid, unaware of the power he possesses...

X-Men Evolution "Powered-Up" Mimic - by Matt ‘Iron-Cow’ Cauley

My second custom of Mimic is based on his arrival to the X-Mansion. He is ill-equiped to handle the exposure to so many powers, and his own abilities go berserk. Rather than being based on the traditional X-Men, his X-Men Evolution appearance incorporates the abilities of Nightcrawler, Spyke, Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey and Rogue.


ToyBiz Marvel 5" Mimic - by Toy Otter

Mimic! His name strikes fear in the heart of criminals, as he busts from the pack on his crazy mimic-powered wings! The X-Men can't match his bad-ass treachery of fear! Cower, criminals, cower! The Mimic has
you by the throat and the balls of crime! Cal Rankin shall forever smack it down, boy-ee!


Brotherhood Mimic - by SamuRon

This version of Mimic is based on his later years. This figure features multiple points of articulation and comes equipped with an ice spear.


Mimic Action Figure Concept Art - by Chris Franklin aka Earth-2 Robin

When Matt told me about the Mimic project for Airmax, I went running to my old dog-earred copies of the 'Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Book of the Dead'. Since my customizing leaves much to be desired, I decided to go with what I know. So I just drew up a sketch of Mimic carrying some stylin' sneakers. I doubt they'd fit over his gigantic, Beast-like feet, but what the hey!

Ultimate Universe Mimic Concept Art - by Tommy aka therewasme

Calvin was always just another face in the crowd. He was unexceptional, having just finished two years of community college and now trying to "find himself" while working a dead end job flipping burgers. All of that changed when he took a shortcut home through Times Square and witnessed the first public appearance of the group known as the X-men. Later that night, he woke from his sleep to discover that he now had all of their powers, from the ability to form ice to telekinisis and telepathy. Realizing the extent of his mutant powers, Calvin secretly sought out the X-men, always a face in the crowd, picking up each of their abilities as they began to make more public appearances and after saving DC from the mutant known as Magneto. But just like before, Calvin is still "finding himself" by picking up the traits of others, unsure when he'll need to pick a side in the struggle for mutant freedom.

Toy features: Ultimate Mimic includes multiple points of articulation along with a variety of features.
-bendy tail
-electronic light up eyes
-articulated wings
-color changing right arm from human to steel when run under hot water
-interchangeable hands: right color changing to steel with claws, right color changing to steel without claws, left normal hand, left ice formed hand)


Mimic Video Game Action Figure Concept Art - by Anubis8

He first graced the pages of The X-Men in the late 60's and despite only making a few appearances, this
unusual mutant made quite an impression on the comic book world. Now 30 years later, The Mimic is being
given his own line of figures.

The Mimic seen here in his classic uniform takes on the X-Men's greatest foes Steven Lang's Sentinels!
Sentient robots with one mission, one goal, to eradicate mutants from the face of the Earth! With the
rest of the team team already defeated, can The Mimic stop The Sentinels from achieving their goal?


All characters and logos are © and ™ by their respective companies.

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